Would you like the ability to play as a female character

Well, I guess we just gotta agree to disagree then on this one. :joy:

Could you imagine if you could play as various people in completely different video games? It’s like, why have a title for a game then? Lol

  • Assassin’s Creed. DLC: play as Agent 47
  • Spider-Man. DLC: Play as Venom or Superman
  • COD: DLC: play as… oh wait. Never mind… :sweat_smile:

But yeah that’s my point. I don’t want a trend like in COD to happen with Hitman. Next will come Unicorn Rainbow assault rifles!

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I’d give Hitwoman a chance if it ever saw the light of day


Me too! If it was a totally different game outside of the “Hitman” universe.

Yes, I would like it. More options is always nice and it could be great for alternative game modes.

(Frankly, I’m just waiting, till someone finally spills that secret on how to switch models, so I could try to play as Knight. Don’t care if it doesn’t make sense, I just want that visual change once in a while, when I’m messing around.)

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Jill Valentine

Well maybe they can add cheat codes like they did in GTA to play as different characters :joy: but then when it goes to cutscenes it’s 47 again lol

I just don’t understand it. But hey, probably won’t ever happen anyway so…

I absolutely agree. Hitman is and always will be a serious game. I don’t want to see 47 walking around in a clown costume slapping people with a fish. That would be the end of the Hitman franchise.


Exactly :joy::smirk:

That would be silly :face_with_monocle:

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I watched the cutscenes once and never again, when I play, so not a problem for me :rofl:.
47 would still be the main in the campaign, but just when you’re replaying, or doing contracts mode… Why the hell not, as an option.
I’m role-playing all the time anyway, when I’m done with the main story, making my own version of the character to spice things up, when it gets stale after a while. May as well have an option to be a woman here and there.


It will never happen anyway lol I’m not concerned haha

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Well there ya go haha we already have enough absurd things. If people wanna play as someone else… maybe play more different games? Problem solved

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I’ve sometimes felt that IOI could go back to ABSOLUTION’s timeline but with Victoria as a lead character. And instead of disguise or other stuff borrowed from the main series, Victoria uses her feminine traits to go by unnoticed or to infiltrate defenses.

She also has superior combat takedowns to 47 and her sprint speed increases in combat.


I’ve said before that I think it’d be cool if we could create our own, custom character to use as an optional alternative to 47 in non-story missions. The ICA is supposed to be a big organization. 47 isn’t the only assassin on their roster. He’s just the best.


I’m not a fan of this because it would require acknowledging the existence of Absolution.

I thought it would of been cool if Victoria was something at the ICA. Maybe a stand in for Diana for 47 when she’s not present. Similar to Clera from Silent Assassin. Going by the time line, Victoria would be about 22 years old now. She don’t have to be an Assassin, but working as a handler (sometimes for 47 here and there) gathering intel and stuff… would be cool. Even if they just had her as 47’s handler one time for an Elusive Target. Also similar to how Agent Smith gave 47 his briefing in the mission Amendment XXV in BM.

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Yeah… but acknowledging her existence will mean also acknowledging that there is a character that has a magic necklace that gives her super-duper assassin skills but if she’s not wearing it, she’s super-duper sleepy and completely useless. It would also mean acknowledging that 47 completely abandoned the ICA, killed plenty of their operatives and then they welcomed him back with open arms and a big, wet, sloppy kiss.

As far as I’m concerned, Absolution has no place in the canon and neither does Victoria. Get me some Thot Be-Gone.


We didn’t HAVE to kill ICA operatives in Abs. We had a choice. (Not counting Travis or his assistant—who betrayed the Agency themselves, so the hits on them would be just.) Also, whether we like it or not, Abs is canon. It may have not been the best Hitman game, but it happened. :man_shrugging:

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I wrote a few fan-made opportunities back on Reddit:

Auld Lang Syne

It appears that Novikov has started an affair with Sanguine model Madison Lang. They are planning to meet after the fashion show.

Blind Dating

Silvio Caruso, desperate to continue his family bloodline, has used some unorthodox methods to find love. He has set up a blind date with a woman in town. We do not know her identity, but we know that she informed Caruso that she’ll be wearing a yellow sundress. But beware, 47, a series of disappearances of women throughout Sapienza hint that Caruso does not take rejection well.

The Great Woman

Oleana Dahlström, Standberg’s old business partner, has assisted him in many of his schemes in the past. His refusal to let her in on his Ponzi scheme resulted in it backfiring and him getting arrested. Dahlström has arrived in Marrakesh, possibly to break Standberg out. I’ll leave you to investigate further.

You’re Beautiful

Jordan Cross has not taken the death of Hannah Highmoore well, and has hired Priscilla Winston to impersonate her. Nice to see he feels some guilt over her death, but that’s not enough to forgo our contract, of course. Cross and Winston have not yet met, and you already resemble Hannah yourself.

Goodbye is a Second Chance

Interpol agent Anne Mercer attempted to infiltrate the militia in an attempt to extract Penelope Graves, but was caught. Graves has her tied up in the basement and frequently visits her, begging her to defect as well.

Herald Heat

Providence has designated Regitze Lorenzen as Erich Soders’s official Herald, a fellow Dane. Yuki Yamazaki is to brief her on Soders’s details, but seems reluctant to let go of her partnership.

Me, Myself and I

Alma Reynard appears to be planning on impersonating you for a nearby mission, no doubt to frame you. She has hired enigmatic Russian makeup artist Lena Averina to do the job.

White Burden

The esteemed English actress Clarice Buckingham has agreed to cameo in Rangan’s film. She is on-set, but too busy with business calls to film her cameo.

Note: An alternative method is to let Buckingham know about Rangan’s harassment of Karissma Hussein, prompting her to confront him and shove him down the elevator shaft.

Lion’s Deal

Singaporean shipping magnate Pamela Tay has collaborated with the Maelstrom in the past, paying him to spare her ships and attack her rivals. She is meeting him to renew their partnership.


I hope you eventually realize what actually defines a franchise. Hint: it’s not the protagonists.

The game isn’t titled “Agent 47”. The game not being 100% Agent 47 does not invalidate the reason it’s a part of the franchise.

Dishonored 2 allowed you to play as Emily. It still had a right and a reason to be called Dishonored 2 and it was still a great game.

Your examples don’t work because they are either crossovers from other media that don’t take place in the same universe, or would require complete gameplay overhauls (or in one case both).

And your repeated references to CoD do nothing but baffle me - are you saying it’s a bad thing the campaigns don’t have the same protagonist or time period? Because that has so far given them way more freedom with the direction of entire game and has led to some still highly praised campaigns. If the issue you have is that they don’t take place in the same time period, then I would suggest you take the Modern Warfare, Black Ops, or misc. title as your cue rather than the fact that it’s part of a multimillion dollar franchise spanning development studios.


Ooh She Has a Modified Beretta M9, (I Own The 92fs Inox & M9) See, Now I’d Like To Be (Play) Agent 51 (The Female Agent) After Agent Smith Finally Joins ICA As Agent 50 (After Agents 48/49) :drooling_face: I Mean I Know There’s Raiden In MGS But He Still Identifies As A Man. :woman_facepalming:t3: We All Play The Games We Love And We Love Each Of Them Because Of Their Set Structure & Methods No Doubt, But Someone Has To Do Something About The Serious Lack Of Stealth Bombs In High Heels In Games :disappointed_relieved: Some Targets-> (Murderous Corporate Women With Female Bodyguards) (Sweat Shop Profitting Fashionista Actresses With All Female Staff) (Feminazi Training Clubs, No Men Allowed) (Female Doctor Killing The Young For The Elderly To Live) (Female Police Officer Taking The Law Into Her Own Hands) (Elite 40’s Age Female With Lucretia Borgia Complex) Think Of All The Possibilities & Amazing Video Clips When Killing Evil Women With The Same Ragdoll Effects As Hitman. I’d Probably Die Laughing If I Saw A Supposed “Concealed” Shotgun Sticking Out Of A Female Agents Armpit or “Chest” If You Get My Meaning. :sweat_smile: This Vid Is My Favorite Example Of Hitman Update/Patch Fails. https://youtu.be/imIixBKlHkY I’ll leave this comment, food for thought. I’m really not for the argument that she should be hitman-ette :sweat: just that there should be a game spotlighting female assassins of good quality like our Agent 47. :fire: