Wouldn't it be cool if

Wouldn’t it be cool if IO Games remade the older Hitman titles with the same engine they used for the most recent trilogy? There were a couple of titles upgraded to HD (Blood Money and Absolution) for the Xbox One but the engine (button assignment/camera view/unlockables) as compared to the most recent trilogy is slightly disappointing. I think it would be cool to see some of the older titles (the original Hitman, Hitman Contracts, etc.etc.) remade.


Yes it would be cool if. But there is no way IOI could make a profit out of that investment.

ioi kinda remade/reimagined a lot of previous stuff from past Hitman games already. Like 'Another Life" from BM (A New Life).

Beyond that, even if a developer uses their current game engine, they still have to rebuild/redo everything from the original games and essentially put in the same amount of time and effort they would if they were working on a brand new game.

Not to mention, the same development costs/budget. All for older games that might not sell well enough to recoup those costs + make a profit to even be worth it.

Then there’s the other issue, specifically with ioi and the previous Hitman games: Nobody currently working there actually made those games. Their first Hitman game was actually “Hitman: Absolution”.

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I think it could pay off if done right.
maybe in a few years when they’re ready to “reboot” again they can reintroduce 47 as the “dark” undertaker type of guy he was advertised as back in the classic days. they could do something like Contracts with flashbacks to old missions but with new layouts, extra approaches etc.

I’d say some of the Silent Assassin missions deserve it the most, since they had great concepts but were severely held back by the limitations of the time