Write a Mission Story for the Bank Mission

Let’s see if we as a forum can come up with some cool mission stories for the bank mission.

They can be about :

  • Infiltration
  • Elimination
  • Exfiltration

Some objectives may not be about eliminating targets but instead about breaking into the vault so consider that for a mission story.


I’m just waiting for when someone writes an intro that ends up being creepily similar to the real one when the bank drops

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Mission Story: Harvest 'Em, Trust Me
1st. Get the Thermal Drill
2nd. Place it on the Vault Door
3rd: Turn it on
4th / 5th: Wait / Repair the Drill (Can be repeated multiple times)
6th: Open the Vault Door


Heavy protection (idk, just placeholder)
Step 1: steal the head of security disguise
Step 2: steal explosives from the bank robber
Step 3: plant explosives inside each corner of the safe, on the ground
Step 4: arrange private meeting with target in the basement, below the safe
Step 5: blow up the explosives, the safe comes falling through the ceiling on the target (it’s a big safe, like a small room)

Just being too creative I guess lol



Discovery #1:
A group of suit-wearing strangers are hanging around a van near the bank. There are 7 of them, they look edgy and suspicious. Get close enough, you trigger the mission story intro: they are criminals waiting on the last member to start a bank robbery.

Discovery #2:
One suit-wearing stranger is standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom of a nearby corner store. He’s giving himself a pep-talk, but can’t bring himself to leave the bathroom. Get close enough, you trigger another mission story intro: he’s the missing newbie member of the criminal gang outside. He got cold-feet and don’t want to go through with the robbery.

Objective #1: Disguise yourself as the robber.
Objective #2: Meet with the gang.
Objective #3: Invade the bank.

This mission story changes the level dramatically, triggering an event. Once the robbery starts, the bank is locked down and the robbers become the armed opponents of the level, patrolling back and forth.

Objective #4: Keep the civilians scared.

Timed objective. Watch civilians and point your gun at them constantly to keep them from running away for 90 seconds.

Objective #5: Find the vault key card.

There are 3 in the level: one with the target, one lost in the security room, one in the manager’s office.

Objective #6: Open the vault.
Objective #7: Steal the flash drive from box 765
Objective #8: Kill the target

This objective is tricky, because the gang wants to do this one cleanly. If you kill someone in front of them, they’ll attack you. Find a way to dispose of the target without the gang finding it out.


New signature kill: dropping an entire flipping room on a target! :smiley:


Wouldn’t they be waiting on the eighth member?


Solid opportunity mate :+1: Only thing I would change is that instead of retrieving the keycard yourself, one of the robbers brings the manager (target?) with him to the vault so she can open it for them. Then it could go two ways:

  1. She is killed by one of the robbers
  2. A opportunity presents itself so that you can kill her

Thanks, I wrote it originally with 3, but increased them to 7. I’ll update it!

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That could be it! For sure.

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This has me giggling like a bitch :joy:

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AHAHA yes write your Hitman FanFiction mission storiessssssssss

Love the robbery idea, giving me Ocean’s eleven vibes!!

All I’m hoping for is another intern (Steve 2.0?) like the one in Marrakesh with its own kill challenge :joy:

Also I would like another classic „first day on the job“-opportunity, maybe new security guard or new PA to the target (of course PA needs his own access card) or the before mentioned last member to the robbery party :smirk:


According to the leak there is a character tagged as “disgruntled employee” or something like that.

That sounds like a solid opportunity to get access to the target!! 47 might nudge him to lure the target out or just take his place to get to the target (maybe similar to the flamingo guy in Miami trying to blackmail Sierra) :thinking:

I was thinking the same thing. My money is on disguise then isolate.

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Demolition Man
Step 1= Disguise as security officer
Step 2= Get explosives
Step 3= Place one of them to target’s room
Step 4= Disguise as thief
Step 5= Place remaining bombs to vault door
Step 6= Call police
Step 7= Give bomb trigger to leader thief

Enjoy Proxy Kill+Arrest bad guys!


Empty vault
This story is triggered by 47 picking up a security briefing in the camera room.
“Very interesting 47. According to this briefing, if the laser in the inner vault gets tipped, the bank manager and their security guards privately go to check what is going on. Could be a good way to get her isolated.”

  1. Acquire a key card
  2. Use the key card to get into the office area.
  3. Get bank vault code off a bank worker
  4. Use the vault code to enter the vault
  5. Trip the lasers in the vault (this backs the manger and her body guards enter the vault and look around for an intruder. If they can’t find anyone the guards leave and the target stays in the vault to phone the security company.)
  6. hide from her guards
    The result is you are in the bank vault with the target and are free to kill her however you like.

The Meeting
Discovery 1: A journalist outside the bank is being held up by security, who think he is a potential threat. The truth is, he is meeting up with our target to discuss the economic climate. However the target’s Personal Assistant forgot to alert the security Guards, and the target thinks the journalist is late/forgot.
Discovery 2: The target mentions the arranged meeting with her bodyguard’s, criticising the journalist and assuming he forgot/didn’t want to come.

  1. Acquire a journalist disguise. He will be isolated occasionally, but not for long (similar to the Private Detective. He only begins his paths - going away from the bodyguards for short periods - after the player has walked past him.
  2. Go to Second Floor. This will require the player to pass a frisk at the 2nd floor stairwell, or alternatively head up a pipe/ lift shaft.
  3. Meet with Target. Upon seeing you she will walk over, say a few lines (Oh, I thought you weren’t coming!) and begin her meeting.
    Notes: In order to achieve Silent Assassin, you either need to, A) Knock out the two bodyguards in the room, B) time it perfectly while the bodyguards are talking to each other. At this time the target is leaning over a balcony, hint hint, or C) poison the coffee she drinks at the meeting in advance with emetic poison and drown her in bathrooms.

Golden Avarice Obviously a placeholder name, no other ideas
Discovery 1: We can find high-ranking members of the bank talking about how our target loves wealth with her life, is incredibly greedy etc.
Discovery 2: The target mentions the banks/her wealth numerous times, and numerous random NPCs that work at the bank can mention it too.
1. Find a vault code They are: on the target/s themselves, On a high ranking bank worker, and in the Bank director/owner/whatevers private office.
2. Enter the vault. Note that there are security camera’s so if you haven’t taken care of this, be prepared for a shootout!
3. Take gold. The easiest way to do this is to take it piece by piece (of course) and hide it in a nearby trash bin. In real life not a great strat, but one enough for step___
4. Phone the target. 47 will pretend to be a high ranking guard, and the target will come running down. Once in the vault, She will break down crying. 47 can do whatever now.
Notes: Very similar to the one by @Goldgun. Also, a secret feature/EE would be that if you destroyed 3 pillars after doing this (but not killing her) she would come into lobby and commit suicide. Body found would not count against you.

Other Kill methods that I can’t be bothered to write whole stories for:
Smelting Down Again, placeholder name
Dip targets head in a gold smelter… Or is that a mint?
Nazi Zombies
Kill the target by throwing a Nazi Gold Brick at her head
Robber Duck
Assassinate the target with an explosive rubber duck while disguised as a bank robber
On Display
Kill the target with (any) Gold Brick
The kill must be witnessed


Welcome to location 47. Target 1 arrived a few hours ago and has been awaiting an appointment with Target 2. You will find her roaming in the downstairs areas of the bank and in the street taking coffee breaks and consulting with one certain member of her entourage quite frequently in private, who knows it could be a good way to infiltrate. Target 2 on the other hand is at the top floor of the bank and is seen as the top priority target for the Gator Gang’s “robbery”. Up for a bit of outsourcing 47? Good luck.