Writing Challenge- Write A Mission Story for a Sandbox Variant of The Last Yardbird


Just the three Yardbirds are targets. All the bodyguards are regular security NPC’s


From The Top

47 discovers that Guiamme Maison has a very rare condition, he experiences very frequent and drastic mood swings. 47 can use this to his advantage by sabotaging the wedding. He can destroy the cake, break expensive things in the mansion and steal the wedding rings. Once he is truly on edge, 47 can contact Diana and tell her to call the client (Alexander Kovak) and tell him to call Maison. He will tell Maison that he believes he is plotting to steal the gangs money and has severed ties with him. With Maison now in crippling debt and no way to pay it back, he climbs all the up to the cliff and ends his own life


If writing a detailed story for this guaranteed being noticed and picked up by IOI as a writer, I’d write the Hell out of it.


The Last Yardbird: “Day to Remember”.
Mission Story revealing:
Two waiters talk to each other, about how Lang was very furious when Maison no longer wanted to share his vintage wine, and Lang defended how it was going to ruin his daughter’s wedding. Then, Lang was going to open it at the speech to pour for his daughter, her husband and his two partners-in-crime.

Mission Story briefing:
So, Lang is planning to have a giant speech, namely praising his daughter after the wedding ceremony.

The information given tells us that Lang was also planning a giant toast with a very rare wine, that Maison, at last second, has decided to save for himself, at the end of his reading. I suspect that wine, if living up to Lang’s expectations, would’ve been killer. I’m sure you’re up to the job, 47?

Guide (in order):

  • Go to the cellar.
  • Locate a crowbar.
  • Locate the wine bottle.
  • Disguise yourself as a waiter.
  • Find rat poison.
  • Pour Lang’s glass (as waiter).
  • Poison his glass.
  • Mission Story completed

Completion dialogue:
Well done, 47. Only thing left to do now is wait, Lang’s speech isn’t too far away.

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I had a similar idea except his daughter needs anxiety medication so you replace it with a member of the catering staffs energy (like the caffeine ones) pills and so when she becomes anxious about her wedding she takes one to calm down and thereby becomes manic from ingesting 100 odd mg’s of caffeine. This exacerbates her anxiety to the point she calls it off at the altar, upsetting guillame immensely, soon after when he’s crying at a balcony (perhaps the one on the mansion roof) the groom walks up to him and we get a heated conversation about how he thinks guillame has been turning his daughter against him which results in the groom pushing guillame to his death

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