Writing Challenge- Write A Mission Story for a Sandbox Variant of The Last Yardbird


Just the three Yardbirds are targets. All the bodyguards are regular security NPC’s


From The Top

47 discovers that Guiamme Maison has a very rare condition, he experiences very frequent and drastic mood swings. 47 can use this to his advantage by sabotaging the wedding. He can destroy the cake, break expensive things in the mansion and steal the wedding rings. Once he is truly on edge, 47 can contact Diana and tell her to call the client (Alexander Kovak) and tell him to call Maison. He will tell Maison that he believes he is plotting to steal the gangs money and has severed ties with him. With Maison now in crippling debt and no way to pay it back, he climbs all the up to the cliff and ends his own life