Xbox 360 controller support


Have been trying to play Hitman for 2 days now. went to play and at the start screen, it told me to Press enter to continue instead of a. Now, I found this very confusing, as I only play with controller/the demo let me use my controller… .I don’t like playing games with k/b at all, I’ve tried to plug in my wireless adapter before launching the game but I still can’t change the game to a controller set up.



Also I’ve looked everywhere for a solution and it seems no one else seems to have this problem.


Is it through steam? What OS?


Yes it is through steam and the OS is windows 10.


If you play it through Steam make sure you activate Xbox controller support in the Steam settings. That should do it.


I figured out how to active 360 controller on steam but it doesn’t seem to change anything. much%20much%20ruder


I just tried mine, it works. Mine is wired though.

Maybe Windows needs a driver? Even though the controller is a Microsoft product…


I’ve installed a driver but I can’t update it since windows says it’s up to date.


Does it work with any other game?

If you’ve installed/reinstalled the driver, did you reboot afterwards?


Yes it does work with other games.


Then its not a driver issue

So for me sometimes it says this but If you just start pressing random buttons, the UI auto switches to controller. And it seamlessly switches between controller and m/k

This is my controller settings on steam


Reboot the computer? Yes I have.


See at the bottom there it should list your controller


In device manager or on steam?


In steam, under the “Steam” tab at the top, settings, then controller, then general controller settings. Should bring up that window


I have my wireless adapter plugged in but it’s telling me there’s no controller detected.


And you’re telling me this controller works with other steam games? Please verify that now


It sounds like an issue with steam, check this thread out:

One guy said the controller kept connecting to his xbox, not the wireless usb. Just need to resync it



Is the wireless usb adapter Microsoft-branded or a generic one?