Xbox 360 controller support


How do I tell the difference?


It was this one.


From the reviews:

Allows my daughter to use an xbox controller on her PC, works with Windows 10. Like other reviews have said though, don’t use the install disc. Allow windows update to handle the driver install. Only “issue” is the controller will re-pair itself to the xbox, so every time you want to use it on the PC, you have to manually re-sync it.

Google up microsoft 360 wireless receiver driver and download it
right click the windows icon in the bottom left
click on control panel
a window will pop up, choose device manager
look for the yellow triangle unrecognized device
Update driver
browse my computer
manually choose from a list of devices
scroll down to “Microsoft common common controller for window class”
Choose Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows version (2009) and you are good to go.


Well I’ll be honest I was using this one when I was playing the demo but it broke so I used the other one…


It only goes up to windows 7.


Maybe this will help:

Let me know if it does @Juff