Xbox Game Pass (9,99 $/month, over 100 games)

Great idea for new Xbox owners or people who want to explore other genres.


Similar to PS Now half the price but they change monthly which isn’t nice

BUT it is not streamed which in turn is nice again.
A month to play a few games is enough in my opinion. Games you really like (or love) (e.g. HITMAN) can still be bought.

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It lasts the month though I think then it locks when the new reroll happens. Not sure, but if that’s true. It’s a bit off putting.

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Pretty good but I probably own most of the games so riiiiiiiiiiip


Yeah exactly why PS Now is pointless to me TBH. If they gave every PS2 game a platinum… I’ll be back in a year or two.

Hey, this is really cool news. I made the switch from Xbox 360 to PS4 two years ago because Microsoft initially fucked their customers over simply because they thought they could, but this is a lot more consumer friendly.

I don’t have a personal use for these types of features (I just look for games that I think I’d like, watch gameplay, and then decide to buy or not) but it’s nice that others have the option, especially if they don’t want to shell out lots of money for games.

It’s basically the Netflix of video games. Very cool :slight_smile:


I love overwhelming value. Will buy 1 or 2 months and play Mad Max, Halo 5 and probably some old 360 or indie titles, and it will be worth the 10 €. I don’t collect games anymore. Play trough and move on! EA Access is a great example.

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EA Access is great and it keeps being updated :smiley: £20 a year is pretty cheap too for what you get w/ it

Hey Spode, what is EA access exactly? I thought about signing up but can’t really seem to wrap my head around what it entails for the price

Edit: I’m usually good at doing my homework, so maybe I just need to dig deeper

You can play almost 30 full games from Electronic Arts for a few Euros, unlimited playtime during the active subscription. There are also some trials of newer games available (like Battlefield 1) and the Vault receives new games on a regular basis.

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What @Doormaker said, but you also get a 5-10 hour trial of new EA games a week before they come out :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you both for your prompt and quick replies! :slight_smile:

My favourite EA game of all time was Army of Two (the original) and even though I enjoyed the sequels the first one had a place in my heart. I’d love to play that again.

There are also some backward compatible 360 games in the vault, the first Mirror’s Edge or Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for example. It’s possible that they will add Army of Two, too.

I like this idea, but feel ten bucks is too much for what will likely be mainly microsoft titles and/or really old 360 games. Many people enjoy this type of deal though, with EA etc… So, I’m sure it will be quite popular.
As an xbox user since the beginning, I’ve probably already played most of them including the ones they’ve shown in the article, except Mad Max, which I have zero interest in playing anyway.
But! I see that Preview Program members (Me! :smile: )
will get to try it in advance, maybe even today. If it’s free for the test, I’ll definitely try it and let you guys know how it works. :wink:

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So can I use this feature with my 360 or do I have to buy an Xbox One to play the 360 games from game pass?

I see no reason why you wouldn’t be able to buy it on and play the 360 games on the 360 huehue

Honestly Alek I’d double check that because it seems obvious that’s we’d be allowed to do that on 360 but it’s also likely they’ll limit the pass to XBO to keep anyone who hasn’t bought an XBO out of the picture. Alienation Marketing works, unfortunately.

If I’m not wrong then I read on the XB1 earlier that this only works on the XB1.

It was is Danish, so I can’t even screenshot it for you.

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I’ve heard you can convert up to 36 months of xbox live already on your account into game pass ultimate for only £1, that’s an insanely good deal now that we know what’s upcoming