XBox Game Pass edition


I’m new to owning an XBox and signed up for the Game Pass. Hitman is included in the Game Pass and as far as I’m aware it should be the full game.

I have completed the prologue but cannot continue onto the Paris section - instead I am prompted to buy the GOTY edition.

Nothing in the Game Pass says it is a cut down version and it should be the full game (e.g. Gears of War 4 is available as a full game).

I know I’m not paying full price up front for the game but rather a subscription but I’m still paying for it so it should be more than a couple of training missions.

Maybe this is related to other people having issues playing Hitman after GOTY came out?


Hitman is not on Game Pass.


OK. My mistake. I thought I found it under the Game Pass section of the store. Maybe it just showed up because it’s a free download.


Yes. That’s exactly what happened.

Hitman – now fully released – the digital content has been transformed into a “try out the very start and then buy the rest” type of purchase. Kind of like what Telltale Games and other Episodic publishers do for a big game. The first episode/chapter usually becomes free when the full game is out because they want the most amount of people to try it out for free, and then buy the rest as a full upfront bundle…


I did the exact same thing as you and was pretty annoyed. However, the game is fully available on Game pass, no need to buy the GOTY edition. You have to go back to Game Pass and download each episode individually. Paris is Episode 1.


Actually, when the original poster asked the question it wasn’t on Xbox Game Pass. However, it came to Game Pass on 1 August, which is incredible news for lots of Xbox players. Lucky you! Hopefully you and others will get to appreciate this jewel in the crown of video games and join us in November when Hitman 2 launches.