Xbox multiple profiles not working

**Platform:**Xbox One

Description : I own hitman 1, 2, 3 and I have multiple xbox accounts for my kids to all have there own account. I used to be able to have my kids play on their own profile so long as the main profile that owned the game was signed in. Now it will only give my main account access to the game and is prompting the other accounts to purchase the game. They have lots of progress saved on the game and would like to continue on their own account. Please advise

Steps to reproduce: turn on xbox and log into any profile other than my main profile

Frequency : ALWAYS

Make sure you set your console as the home Xbox.

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So long story short I have 2 xboxes and 7 kids. 1 xbox is the home xbox which works fine. The other xbox has the main account signed in and the other profiles can play any game so long as the main profile is signed in. This works on all the other games we have except hitman 3. It is prompting my to buy the game again.