Xbox One Backward Compatibility

You can now play Xbox 360 games on Xbox One.

The current list:

Today’s update includes Deus Ex: Human Revoution from Square Enix and especially Kane & Lynch 2 from IO Interactive!

My big question: is there a chance for Hitman: Absolution or the HD Collection within the next months @Travis_IOI?

Players can vote for Hitman here:

Kane and Lynch 2 made it before Hitman HD? Wtf. At least Splosion Man and DX are there.

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In all honesty, I hope they bring out Absolution and HD Trilogy soon, then I can actually get rid of my 360, They’re the only reason I still have it.

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Vote for them, man. It’s the best way.

Absolution confirmed according to a german journalist!

Finally. :smiley:

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Perfect! I just bought Blood Money, HD Pack, and Absolution on digital since they were on sale for 75% off. Maybe I can relive some glory days soon on my Xbox One. :blush:

If they are released, hopefully they run better than most of the other games they’ve released. Gears 3 and Judgement, and Halo 3 and Reach both run terribly. Reach especially… it’s practically unplayable.

I got Gears 3 and Judgment as a part of my purchase of Ultimate Edition. I haven’t played them yet, but maybe I should just to see what you mean. Using backward compatibility, I’ve played Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Perfect Dark, and Perfect Dark Zero, and they seem to run just fine for me. I have lag issues with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive sometimes, but I think the fault there lies either with the original game coding or just my cable internet. But yeah, hopefully the Hitman games will run fine.

Gears 3 has co-op sync issues. The framerate is pretty terrible in horde and co-op campaign. It’s nice and smooth… until the wave starts and locust start spawning.

Judgement is much the same way. Once actual combat starts, the framerate drops and with it comes input latency.

Halo Reach is the worst offender though. The framerate drops into the low teens at times and doesn’t recover for long periods of time.

Look up DigitalFoundry on youtube. They’ve been testing backwards-compatible 360 titles for months now. Some of them perform admirably, but others aren’t even worth trying to play at all.

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Kane and Lynch 2 is the only game in the list I’ve played with any performance issues on the One, but it’s all just slight framerate drops. Hope the Hitman titles don’t suffer the same.

Fallout: New Vegas is now available via XOne backwards compatibility, yey

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Been installing since this morning. Took MS long enough, it’s been asked for since day one.

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All we need now is HD trilogy/Absolution and I’ll be a happy spoder


So Red Dead Redemption is being released tomorrow on Back Compat.

This was the game I wanted the most :slight_smile: very excited

Any news on the Hitman games at all? Are they high on the requested list?

I… honestly have no idea. I doubt they’ll be coming soon though, what with a majority of the fanbase being twelve year old fucks who vote for Black Ops and fucking Skate.

Hitman Absolution has 27,000 votes and Hitman HD Pack has 5300 votes. Meanwhile Modern Warfare 3 has over 100,000 votes. What?!

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Yep, it’s ridiculous. Everywhere I go, I see people begging for BO2, while nobody really wants good games. Hell, the 360 version of GTA has more votes than Hitman!

We got some good games, at least. Deus Ex, FNV and RDR have been the highlights so far for me.

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RDR was one of my favorites, played through it at least three times. So many great missions. Now that it’s on X1, I may have to give it another go.

Rumors of a sequel are leaking out now too … rather a prequel, but not 'til 2017.

It’s out :open_mouth:

Downloading now.