Xbox One Hitman GOTY Legacy Pack Not Available

Tried it, but the Legacy Pack is still not available after I search for it in the Xbox Store.


Edit: Still no luck for me getting the legacy pack on XBOX :frowning: …It is either unavailable or I can buy it. What puzzles me is that I was able to download the Paris legacy map for free a while ago but none of the other content …sigh

unable to post another message here as it seems which is a bit annoying :-/

What is going on!!!
First no Legacy Pack, that seems to have be sorted then…
No access to Hitman 2
Reboot Xbox get Hitman 2 back
But now I have no Patient Zero or bonus missions
Come on IOI & Microsoft you have been in the game business for years stuff like this should not be happening.

Edit: I can access Patient Zero from H1 just not H2

So I’ll throw my hat in this ring. Over the weekend, I downloaded and played the H2 Starter Pack, and was hooked. I bought a disc version of the H1 Definitive Edition is on Amazon for $20, which got delivered today. Then, I saw the Xbox deals yesterday, and noticed that H2 was on it. So I snagged that for $24. Today, the H1 disc showed up, and I proceeded to install both games in their entirety. I launched H1, went into the store, and clicked the GOTY Legacy Pack link, which launched me into the XB store. However, it didn’t start downloading anything, and instead, stated that the ‘GOTY Legacy Pack is now available at this time’. My IOI account shows both games registered, and I followed the steps on the Legacy Pack FAQ. I installed all pieces of both games, and ensured that I redeemed and downloaded the Definitive Edition card from inside the case.

I tried uninstalling H2 and downloading the Starter Pack again after installing H1, and it gave me a ‘you’ve unlocked the GOTY Legacy Pack’ alert the first time that I loaded into it. When I clicked the ‘go to store’ link from that alert, it brought me to a $19.99 store item asking me to buy it (it also has 21 ratings reaching over 4 stars). That’s the same product page that I get sent to when I click the Legacy Pack link from the full install of H2. When I click on the Legacy Pack link from H1, I get brought to a store page that looks identical to the other, but that one states that it’s ‘currently not available’, and THAT product page has no rating. It’s as though the directed product location from the H1 game is broken, and doesn’t tie into a valid store item.

Does that help, @Travis_IOI?

I am also facing this issue. I have tried everything and still no solution. Anyone had any response from ioi ? Or Twitter?

Same problem here. Is anyone working on a fix for this?

And me… so fed up with ioi and wbgamesupport

Hello, I am experiencing the same problem discussed in the thread. Hitman definitive edition disc, Hitman 2 with game pass digital. All content installed, same region, H2 free starter pack purchased and installed.

Is anyone still even look into it? Is there a way to get support other than waiting for a forum reply?


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@Travis_IOI , I haven’t seen any updates this on a while. Is there a fix, or is there some other way I can redeem it? Thank you :slight_smile:

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I have been having the same issues as everyone on this thread. I have Hitman 1 definitive edition (disc), installed all the dlc, the hitman 2 free starter pack and made sure it was updated, hitman 2 (disc) standard edition and bought the expansion pass (digital).

I have followed the FAQ steps multiple times, uninstall and reinstalled both games and tried all the workarounds suggested on this forum and others and the legacy pack is still listed as unavailable. Is there any other way I can try or fix this?

To be honest, this is really disheartening. I think Hitman is an amazing game, but it completely lacks support. There is no official channel where to issue a ticket, you’re suppsed to use Twitter, Reddit or this fan forum.

It’s clear from this forum and a simple google search that a lot of people are still having this issue and that there’s something going wrong with the licensing on the xbox store, yet the issue is being completely ignored.

Ok, I own the first game and can play it by itself, but if you give customer the option to obtain a framework, I feel extremely disappointed when it’s not working and nobody is listening. Really makes me think that next time I should pay for a different game. Shame.

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If you go to the Official Technical Support Thread, you will find the link to the dedicated customer support page with the game’s publisher, Warner Brothers.

Also, the ‘issue’ isn’t being ignored at all. We (meaning IOI) have been trying to assist players on the forum and Twitter regularly. I will ask our support teams if they can do another check on a Definitive Edition disc / H2 players and see if they find any irregularities.

Unfortunately, it’s a slightly complicated process and we expect there’s a different issue each time tripping each player up. We can see by the number of redemptions that happen that this isn’t a global issue affecting ALL players.

Hello all,

I just recently came across this issue on my Xbox so I thought I would share my 2 cents. I checked that I had everything installed, or so I thought - some episode were checked in the in-game store but not actually installed, and met all other requirements for the Legacy upgrade. It was presented in the in-game store so it appeared that everything was in order.

I have the disc version of Hitman Definitive Edition and when loading the in-game storefront I was offered the free legacy upgrade however when I clicked on it I was taken to the GOTY upgrade on the MS store and was offered an upgrade for a price. So a dead-end.

I then checked the indivdual episodes in the in-game store and noticed that some checked-marked episodes were not actually installed so I installed those. After all episodes verified installed I followed the in-game store free legacy upgrade and was presented with MS store GOTY upgrade offer. Dead-end.

I then remembered that I originally downloaded some episodes for free so I deleted Paris and Sapienza as well as a 10 MB Bonus Campaign Patient Zero, which seemed small, because I couldn’t remember which episodes I got for free.

I then re-installed Paris and Sapienza through the in-game store which now showed those episodes as shopping carts. Also now no advertisement for a free legacy upgrade was showing up! The Patient Zero was now a shopping cart as well and when I clicked on it I was sent to the GOTY upgrade offer. It also was not showing up as Ready to install under game management. Bummer and weird.

After Paris and Sapienza finished installing the in-game store again showed an advertisement for a free legacy upgrade which when I followed now worked! I hit “Get” and my queue filled up with downloads. Patient Zero also showed back up at this time under Ready to install but still 10 MBs. That may be the correct size.

In my case, XBOX Definitive Edition on disc, there seems to be an issue with the MS store not knowing that a Definitive Edition exists since I was offered a GOTY upgrade so many times.

I also didn’t have to do any restarts or resets. I did re-install offline then reconnect and update but no restarts of the box.

TLDR - try deleting and re-installing any free episodes that may have been installed before buying the full game. A list of free content offered might help narrow down the offending episodes. Or it was just a fluke and I got lucky. I did try a lot of uninstalling/re-installing before hand but I believe the Paris re-install did the trick for me.

It’s a lot of text but I wanted to provide as much detail as I could remember to maybe help narrow down this issue for others.

Edit: Nevermind as I still cannot download the GOTY Legacy upgrade only the Legacy Upgrade. I didn’t realize these were different products. Oh well. MS Store still says “Hitman - GOTY Legacy Pack is currently not available.”

Update: I contacted MS support since I noticed from my Definitive Edition code redemption I only own/received the 4 items listed in the “In this Bundle” section here:
When in reality I should own the 3 items in the “Works with” section. Something is wonky with the MS store. Episodes 1-4 show as something along the lines of I can install the item to use now or buy it to own it but 5 and 6 offer to Install since those are 2 of the 4 items I own from the code. Weird.

Update 2: Microsoft support is a bust. My only support options now are to “Message a Gamer” or “Post in the Community” and a Community MVP responded to contact support since no one their can help me with this issue. What a strange loop.

After trying more troubleshooting I saw this linked above: which clarifies that the code in the case ONLY gives the 4 items listed. So the Definitive Edition has everything on disc except for the 4 DLC items listed at the link. As far as the MS store is concerned it should really be called Definitive Edition - DLC not Hitman Definitive Edition. It was confusing to me. Armed with that info I uninstalled Hitman of which I had two copies installed, one with a disc icon, Hitman Definitive Edition, where I could “Manage Bundle” and the other no disc icon, just plain Hitman, where I could “Manage game and add-ons”. The bundle had 12 items installed the other only 5.

I uninstalled both then took my console offline and reinstalled everything from disc which ended up being only 12 items. I then went back online updated a 2.08GB update and downloaded the 4 items listed as DLC. Manage Bundle still says 12 but now Manage Game and Add-ons shows 16 installed. Everything in the Hitman in-game storefront has a checkmark by it except the GOTY Legacy Pack which has an arrow and Hitman 2 which has a shopping cart (I own Hitman gold Edition on disc, installed and updated). Below is what happens when I click on an item in the in-game storefront which directs me to the MS store pages:

  1. Free GOTY Legacy Pack - Buy - 59.99+ - used to say unavailable
  2. Hitman 2 - Hitman 2 is installed. You can play Hitman 2, or buy Hitman 2 - Play - Buy 24.00+
  3. GOTY Edition Upgrade - Buy - 19.99 or 17.99 game pass
  4. Requiem Pack - This product is installed - Buy - 4.99
  5. GOTY Outfit Bundle - takes me to HITMAN - GOTY Edition upgrade - Same as #3 above
  6. Episode 1: Paris - This product is installed. You can use this product for now or buy it to own. Not sold separately.
  7. Episode 2: Sapienza - Same as #6
  8. Episode 3: Marrakesh - Same as #6 and #7 above.
  9. Episode 4: Bangkok - Same as numbers 6,7, and 8 above. autocorrect “fixing” my list here

10: Episode 5: Colorado -This product is installed. This content requires a game (sold separately)
11. Episode 6: Hokkaido - Same as #10
12. Bonus Episode: Same as numbers 10 and 11 above.
13. Bonus Campaign Patient Zero - Same as numbers 3 and 5 above.

All campaign locations load offline including the Patient zero campaign which only shows as 10 MB install.

I don’t know what the flag is to tell the MS store that I technically own the GOTY edition so I should have access to the free GOTY Legacy pack but it isn’t working for me. I appreciate most of the content is on disc but I can’t help but think if the DLC code inside included the GOTY upgrade then the MS store would recognize the free GOTY Legacy pack as available and free not offered as 59.99+.

Also for clarification I can access the Legacy stuff in Hitman 2 just no GOTY legacy stuff or escalations.

Also, if I try to download the GOTY Legacy Pack from the Hitman 2 in-game store it takes me to a different upgrade, different star rating anyway, for only 19.80.

I know more text but hopefully it will help someone narrow down the issue. A lot of weird loops and spaghetti going on.

Any fix on this yet? Same problem hitman 1 definitive edition disc + code activated and digital hitman 2 gold edition… For some reason I saw the price dropping from 69.99 for goty legacy update to 23.11 (67% discount) but still no option to download goty legacy pack. Also hitman 2 season passes are buy able but I have those. (could install when clicking on it)

Still would like to see a fix for this as I bought hitman 2 also for the use of legacy

I played hitman 2 starter pack first then bought h1 and later h2. Getting really annoyed as I am installing and retrying this for the 6th time in a few months already.

Also m$ support couldn’t see that I have the starter pack bound to my account but I have gotten it and can install even did a few times :thinking: they send me back to you guys

I can also buy hitman 2 but I have gold edition :roll_eyes:
Also noticed that i need to buy hitman goty but I have used my code in the steelbook for goty (I can play everything fine on h1 but that stuff needs to go to h2

I am so confused

I’ve had no luck with MS support even after sending over pictures of my install files as they requested. They started getting technical and claimed the FAQ was contradictory about the Legacy VS GOTY Legacy pack and whether I needed to buy it or not. The last I heard they were contacting IOI and that was 2 weeks ago.

I started a separate ticket with WB support on June 13 2019 and I’ve been sending pics and dealing with once a day requests with them. The last I heard from them was June 26 2019 when they escalated my issue to a senior agent. They keep focusing on my install and looking for proof from pictures that I actually own the games. I keep repeating that I’m not the only one with this issue. Maybe if more of us start bugging them they’ll get to the issue quicker:

From my experiments I’ve noticed that when I follow the Hitman 1 in-game links for the Free GOTY Legacy Pack I eventually end-up in the MS store and it is offered for 59.99+ USD.
If I follow the in-game links from Hitman 2 the MS store offers it for 19.80 USD, 67% off
If I try to load Patient Zero in Hitman 2 the MS Store offers me an upgrade for 9.99 USD.

The last 2 options make sense from the FAQ it’s the first option, the Hitman 1 in-game links, that is wonky. Earlier this month it used to say unavailable but now it’s 59.99 USD. Maybe that’s because I downloaded the regular Legacy Pack between now and then when I thought is was the GOTY Legacy Pack. If you google GOTY Legacy Pack Steam shows a 19.99 USD price and PSN shows a 19.99 USD price but the MS store shows it for 59.99+. Weird. Those are prices when I’m not logged into the respective sites so my account and/or activity has no bearing on those prices.

I’ve said it a few times to MS support as well as WB support and maybe even here but the MS store is messed up as far as GOTY Legacy Pack is concerned.

Hopefully this mess with get cleaned up. I would think a file check for Patient Zero in Hitman 1 would trigger the free download. The store somehow knows I own the Legacy Pack since it is offering me an upgrade for 9.99 USD maybe it can do a similar check for the Patient Zero install or something.

July 23 2019

I heard back from WB Support and they were unable to figure out what the issue is but they sent me a GOTY Legacy code to resolve my case. I guess if you’re in the same boat as me as far as GOTY Legacy Pack and Definitive Edition is concerned then open a ticket with WB games support . You’ll probably have to send pics and jump through some hoops but eventually they should resolve it just like my case.

Good luck.

My e-mail from WB for reference:

Your request (1760494) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email.

WB Games Support (WB Games)

Jul 23, 9:28 AM EDT

Greetings Keith,

Thank you for your patience.

We sincerely apologize for the delay in your case regarding the LEGACY Pack for HITMAN 2. While we are not able to determine why the content was not available. We are granting a code that should enable the content to install for free. We would like to thank you once more for your patience while we worked to resolve this issue. Thank you as well for your continued support of the HITMAN franchise. We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.

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Hey man I just had a similar problem with this. I’m guessing I should end up doing something similar? I had a disc version since early 2018 but I gave it to a friend in November after I had redeemed the legacy pack. However, this is the first time I’ve encountered this problem. Any ideas?

Ohhhhhhh dear I do not really want to go through that. I think I’ll see if I can resolve the issue here but if that doesn’t work I’ll go through with your method

I have contacted WB support and I must say that have been very efficient. Quick response in the first phase, they rightfully had to make sure I was entitled to the pack. However eventually my ticket has also been escalated and I finally received a code for the legacy pack.

Thank you! Do you have a link I can use to get to the right page?