Xbox One Hitman GOTY Legacy Pack Not Available


I agree. I have tried the same things and steps as you LordGuardian - though with the Steelbok Edition of the first game.

Any suggestions why this is happening, @Travis_IOI ?


It sounds like you’re ticking all the boxes, so there’s no obvious ‘fault’ or missed step that I can see here.

I can only think to check that all of the content from HITMAN 1 is actually installed. The ‘tick’ in the in-game store doesn’t necessarily mean that the content is installed, just that you own it. Check the Xbox menus to check that all of the episodes are actually installed.

Another thing that might help me, is if any of you have installed any version of HITMAN before the disc. For example, you downloaded the Free version of HITMAN 1 or one of the free location trials that we did.

Further, if there’s any mismatch with the location region of your profile and the version of your disc, that might cause an issue.

Please let me know about the above things and I can escalate it to our Release Team, who have the technical knowledge of what might be tripping this up.


And check the Xbox Store for the individual maps. They should be downloadable when the Legacy pack in the menu is ‘ticked’.

Example link: HITMAN - Legacy: Paris

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I checked and all the different Items/Maps are installed. In fact the last two maps did not install automatically when installing from disc, but I already noticed that the first time around and made sure to install them manually each time. (Strangely enough while I checked the Xbox Live Store the Paris Legacy map was marked as owned this time around and I was able to download it …the rest of the content is still unavailable)
Furthermore as a last attempt I did try to install both games to a different Xbox One from two different accounts with the same results :-/

As for the region. Both my Hitman Definitive Edition and Hitman 2 Gold were bought in local shops (both are physical Steelbook editions) Unless there are different regions inside Europe I am not sure how there could be a region mismatch.

I am a bit lost as I think i tried pretty much everything i could do myself.


Have you checked this yet?

Maybe they’re already in here? Or maybe not because only Paris is marked as owned … :confused:


What I did was push the option menu on the controller (or whatever it is called …the button that used to be called ‘start’ when I was young xD) and go to manage game …usually it list all the installed content in one tab and other items you own but are not yet installed under another tab called ‘ready to install’ if I recall it correctly.

This is the way I found the two missing maps from the first game and downloaded them. I double checked in the MS live store via XBox I was missing nothing else. Usually when you visit the store on the console the thumbnails of the games are marked with either an owned or an installed. This is how I found out that the Paris Legacy Map was tagged with owned. (all the other legacy items where not tagged) It was not listed under ‘ready to install’ in my game library. I was able to download it …but like I said before I was NOT able to download any other map or content or unlock the full legacy pack.

Each time it is listed as either unavailable …or when accessing the store through the Hitman 2 game I can buy the Legacy Pack.

Soooo in the end I am even more confused than before because I have no idea why I as able to download the Paris map now… when I open any of the others it always said not available separately.
So the Paris map should not be available separately either?!

Edit: I actually checked a moment ago …I was able to play the Paris map inside Hitman 2 …the others are marked red with a ‘get access’ and lead me to the store where once again it says ‘currently unavailable’


@Travis_IOI I am 100% positive that all of the content is installed on my HD, including the starter pack. Something strange I’ve noticed is that for some reason I am no longer required to have the hitman disc in my xbox when I’m playing. It’s like I was given a digital copy of the base game Hitman at some point but I don’t ever remember seeing any notification of that. I don’t know if that would have an effect on how xbox live perceives my ownership of the complete first season though.


I’m in the same boat as everyone else.

I’ve got hitman 1 and 2 installed (every mission+bonus missions +free starter pack) both on disc

I’ve followed the steps on the website but still ‘unavailable’ - I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the games and I’ve even tried doing it on another profile, but all I get from everything that I try is that the legacy pack is unavailable, its really depressing, since I want to play all 12 main missions on 1 disc with the enhanced game mechanics, we desperately need a fix


Same problem here… i don’t know what can i do at this time … i tried everything possible but the problem is still remaining … some notice from IOI ? @Clemens_IOI


This is the same boat that I am in as well. I am able to switch back and forth between both Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 without the disc, and I am sure that I have everything downloaded as well. Been trying to get the Legacy Pack since I got the game back when it first released, and it has always said unavailable.

But I have never had the option to “Buy” the Legacy Pack either.

Has there been any other updates on other methods of getting it to work? I also tried the other profile workaround, and it didnt work either.


@Travis_IOI I am having the same problem, I have done EVERYTHING that has been listed on the FAQ, everything mentioned on here and it’s showing as unavailable when I try to redeem it


Welcome to HMF

  1. Do you have all episodes of Hitman 2016, Including bonus episode (The Icon, A House Built On Sand & Landslide) installed?

  2. What edition of Hitman 2016 do you own?


I have everything installed, I reinstalled everything also and made sure everything installed, I have the definitive edition


I’ve been having the same issue for a good month, but today it’s finally worked for some reason since I’ve not done anything different, I loaded up hitman 1 and followed the steps and it’s finally downloading now


@Travis_IOI Any news on what the cause might be? I have been trying to get it working for 3 months :frowning: …and I keep seeing people with the same issues, but haven’t found a definitive solution anywhere so far. It has been several weeks I first posted in this forum now and it is getting quite frustrating…

Thanks in advance.


It must have been a different thread I posted an update in. Can you try it again? We made a change to the entitlements and it should now be working fully.

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Thanks for your reply. I didn’t see an update so it must have been another thread I was not following.

I started the game but unfortunately it did not change anything :(. I tried to access the store through both Hitman 1 and Hitman 2, but in the first I get the usual ‘content is not available’ and in the latter I am able to buy the pack for 15£. I made sure the disc for each game was in the drive too.

(just for proof I uploaded a picture of my games, and the store pages)

But I will try again later using my other console.




Try this