Xbox One Legacy Pack (August 2019)

Seems to be the exact same problem i ran into. only that i get the european prices (since i am from Europe). In my case wenn i press the get access on Paris i am referred to a GotY Upgrade for 9,99 €.

I do think that’s normal though, that you get re-directed to the Legacy Pack Upgrade.
When I didn’t have Paris installed, I was re-directed to the Upgrade Pack as well.
The only difference was that it showed as “Already bought”.

(Yay, German language!)

I think thats right, but it should show “manage” instead of a price than.

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Never have had Games Pass. Paris takes me to the $9.99 pack. Same as Cilius here.
Edit: here’s a Pic.

This was from before I uninstalled the Legacy stuff as per HungaryHippoe’s instructions. So it might not say “This product is installed” right now. But I did check this rout after the uninstall and it was the same page asking me to pay for stuff I already own.

Regarding the possible installation scenarios:

I have tried uninstalling both games, installing Hitman 2016 with all DLC, installing only the Starter Pack and / or full Hitman 2 on both internal and external drives on the two consoles i own.

I have no other clue what i can do.

You don’t have to pay 60 bucks again if you redeem via Hitman again. How do you own Hitman the complete first season

Believe me, he does. i am having the same problem. But i think IOI is working on a solution.

Definitive Edition was only sold on Disc.

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Definitive Edition. Look at the post above. Also look at the pictures, and are you another user or are you part of IOI hippoe. Because if you are a user I would like to be getting info straight from IOI.

No I’m just a user. I had the same issues but I owned Hitman via the steelbook the complete first season, not the definitive edition

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Man I hope they come up with a solution for this because it sucks.

@Travis_IOI Are there any news or anything we can do / provide regarding this problem?

@Cilius As you’ve used Game Pass, did you redeem the Legacy Pack when playing the Game Pass version?

With everything installed from the Definitive Edition disc, (you need to have everything installed as this is how we check what Legacy Pack you are entitled to) can you launch it from your console and go to the Definitive Edition in-game store and attempt to redeem the free GOTY Legacy Pack?

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@Travis_IOI As i said before i could never redeem the Legacy Pack. Not in the Game Pass Version nor in the definitve Version.

I tried it again right now with the definitiv version an here is how that went (like the about 20-30 other times i have tried that in different configurations and consoles and as shown on the other 2 Videos i have made). You can see everything what is installed, you can see that there is nothing i can install any further.

It would be great if you could believe me at some point since i have sent prove now multiple times and i am getting a little bit tiered trying everything or getting asked the same questions over and over again.

If i can try something new for you i am all in. I am sorry if my post sounds rude but i wasted now over ten hours in troubleshooting this problem with WB Support and here and i kind of do not understand why i have to do the same things again and again.

Thanks in advance for your help. I really would enjoy just playing the game in the “right” order. And i have no clue what i am doing wrong.

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I’m not able to watch that video, unfortunately :frowning:

@Travis_IOI uploaded it to yt. Does that help? If not i will make pictures.

Two things; when you look at what is installed via the disc, it only shows 12 items compared to the 16 via the first one, which looks like a digital copy. The game needs to have everything installed via the disc. This is a likely scenario that the in-game store is not detecting what you have installed.

There may be some confusion amongst recognising the Game Pass digital version and the disc version. I would recommend that you try uninstalling everything from the disc version and installing it via the disc. I know you have tried this a few times before, but the video clearly shows that the disc version doesn’t have everything installed.

There also appears to be 20 items waiting to download (when you show the storefront), where they might be.

Let me know if you have any luck with that.


I have never bought a digital version of Hitman i only had the Game Pass Version for a while and than bought the disc version.

As its clearly shown in my last video, i can not install more than those 12 Items from the disc, i get asked to update the content and 4 Items download to the other Version.

But as you said i uninstalled everything, than installed again the 12 things which it allows me to install from the disc and the other 4 items i can install in the other (maybe digital version) The content is linked however. When i uninstall the “digital” Version i have to install everything from disc again vice versa.

Maybe we should focus more on why there are those two installations. And the same thing is true for hitman 2, i have the disc version but it after installation there is a digital version with all the content and a disc version with only the disc content (as i featured in the Hitman 2 Video yesterday).

I have the painfull long process of uninstalling and reinstalling Hitman one on video if you are in the mood for an hour of installation fun. But basically its the same. After the installation there is the Disc version with 12 and the “non disc” version with 16 items. The disc version installed alone does not let me play the last two mission those i have to download in the digital version and they are there than in the dis version too.

If you want the Video i will upload it (its about 1:20 minutes long with a bit missing since my battery died in between). But maybe the detection routine has an error since both hitman 2 and 2016 have 2 installations which are linked but separate. And before anyone asks, yes both installations are on the same hard drive.

And yes it shows me those downloads in the shop but there are none in the queue when i press that button (one of the highlights in the Video from the full de and new installation process.)

@Travis_IOI As an addition. Both installations do not give me the legacy pack (if a start one or the other). Everytime a start the disc version the “digital” symbol is shown when i try to end the game. If i try to start the “digital” version without a disc it shows me that i need the disc to start it.

Everything is on video, if you wan to see it.

Uploaded the Video and sent you a PM with the link. If there is anything you spot i am doing wrong, just let me know.

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Did they ever come back with anything? I am in the EXACT same boat as you only I bought the complete first season. Have never had access to Legacy Pack only GOTY upgrade which takes me to buy it at full price of $99. I’m fed up. I’ve put so much time into trying to get this to work that I am so disappointed that a gaming company could even let this happen. Let me play my game I paid for.