Xbox One S Framerate (HITMAN 2)

Now the game experience is unconfortable. When firing a sub-rifle or something like that the fps drops to like 10 fps, and when i go to an specific zone in a mission the game is UNPLAYABLE. I dont know…is it my game or the console, or its just that the game needs an optimization update……idk.

Not as bad as Control tho!!!

Lol. Yeah. I’m with you, have seen some bad framerates in areas never had problems before. Wonder what gives?

I’m waiting for them to fix the frame rate I enjoy it so far, but I need to enjoy the game without the lag

Yeah, I love the game, but with this framerate it is not playable…

Well, I havent seen that improvement in my console, but let me check if my game is updated

Hello BioGamerX. There should be a setting where you can force the fps at the expense of quality. I haven’t looked on my S recently but it’s there on my X, I was fiddling there the other day. If I get to the S later I’ll try and remember to have a look. If you post the place where you were having problems I can have a look there, too. Cheers.

It’s no better on S since that is the console I play on.

Sorry, don’t follow you! Options - Graphics - Rendering Quality can be set to quality or framerate. If I’ve missed something here, quite possible, then I have no idea, but it is one way of dealing with framerate problems. I’m on the X right now but presume that option is present on the S.

Digital Foundry did a pretty comprehensive analysis of the specs on the different consoles when the game came out. In fact, this video is what convinced me to dump my OG Xbox One and buy an Xbox One X after I got Hitman 2 for Christmas.

Their suggestion seems to be to lock the resolution to 900 on the Xbox One S if you want a stable 30 fps.

Weird I’ve had little to no issue on my Xbox One S. It could be region specific—I’m in pacific time US.

I generally use the X but didn’t notice anything odd on the S when I have used it. I don’t use automatic weapons in the game, though, and that did get a mention, maybe that’s why I don’t see much of a problem.

Yeah I’ve used auto weapons all the time. Maybe it’s better to adjust some settings and—gasp—play offline when you can