Xbox - OS getting buggier?

TLDR - anyone else out there think Xbox OS is getting less stable over the last year or so?

I bought a 360 a few years go, about the time that the One came out. I have never really had a problem with that system other than the stupid things about how it is supposed to work.

I got a Halo 5 Xbox One at the end of 2015, an S at the end of 2017 and an X at the beginning of this year.

A year or so ago I feel I started to observe system glitches were becoming more frequent, I mean, uncommon but far more than “it just doesn’t happen” which was my experience to that point.

It’s more than just one series of games, I hear my children bemoaning glitches while they’re playing; just now it’s “Overwatch”, I had it with “Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD” yesterday (pickpocketing stopped and it wasn’t because anyone was watching me), I’ve seen it with other games.

A full shut-down fixes things, so it’s not corrupted save-games.

It really feels like the OS builds are not as stable as they should be. Given Microsoft’s history of pre-alpha versions being sold (“it compiled - ship it”) this is a mildly worrying trend.

Anyone else noticed anything similar?

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I actually really haven’t noticed anything besides the occasional weird home screen where nothing works and I have to press the Xbox button to bring up the menu. Other than that, my Xbox One S that I got early 2017 has worked basically flawlessly

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Thanks for replying. I’ve eliminated most obvious things like over-heating, storage problems (the S usually runs with not much space, though, but the X has a 4 TB drive with about two-thirds used so no problem there) and such. Internet connection should be fine (I am lucky enough to be able to afford a good one and the things are plugged in via ethernet not wireless). It’s not a real problem but we find we’re doing a full shut-down every few days/weeks as opposed to every few months as it used to be. Multiple games. Sometimes the OS/home screen by itself as you indicate.

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I’ve owned Hitman 2 for Xbox One since about August 2019 (and prior to that I completed 100% of Season 1s 2016 content, with about 2 months of total time in that copy alone.

In my 3 months of Season 2 gameplay I have completed all episode mastery and unlocked all items except those rewarded for the Classics challenges (which I’m about 45%) progression completed as of today; my current level is 340 (my profile shown below)

My point to all this info is that my game (which is a physical copy for Xbox One (my consoles the one just before the slim model I’m pretty sure. 1tb memory total with my external drive (of the total storage: currently @ 70% cap). Everything; games and system are constantly up-to-date.

That said,
My Hitman 2 performance undeniably has been decaying in the 3 months; 340 levels in that time frame is quite clear. I am having trouble uploading video evidence to YouTube and apparently not authorized to send video files directly thru this app yet… But I will edit this post when uploaded to YouTube.

The NPCs on Pro/Master modes in particular are quite buggy for me lately. I get spotted by units who aren’t even visible on the map and more often now they also don’t always all show up in instinct at some times. I realize this is likely because the terrain behind me isn’t rendering (which isnt abnormal for games obviously but this could be fixed better by tweaking with the AI awareness range etc. If that’s what it is I mean. A month ago this definitely wasn’t happening this bad.
AI code really needs help it feels like. It’s slippin

I’m wondering if the Graphics options in the game have any contribution to the decay… The frame lock/gamma levels…?
I’ve had mine locked and set to1.20 for awhile. I also have Game Mode turned On on my TV.

Thanks for replying. Have you noticed problems in other games?

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I play 6 games regularly out of my collection of 100+ yet Hitman 2 is the only one with these symptoms. Even 2016 hitman performs as it should (and I’ve fully completed that content entirely).

Okay. My concern is that it’s a more general Xbox OS problem as we’ve had problems in a number of games, not just one which is hard to imagine as not being game-specific (though it could be that your problems are OS-related, don’t misunderstand me :grinning:).

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This link is to my channel. Clip recorded 2 days ago, and uploaded last night.
This isn’t only occurring on Colorado either. It’s common with all the maps, especially the 2nd season content and the Paris, Sapienza and Marrakesh maps.

I have to say this is by far the most annoying thing wrong with the game right now. All I have left to unlock is the CLASSICS 1 and 2 Master challenges (I literally JUST completed Colorado Classic1. Colorado took over 12 hrs today and I am now having issues getting thru the master Sniper Assassin for Colorado so I shut it off for now. Only one left after that is Hokkaido. **it is a brutal pain in the ASS with performance like this! **

oh I did indeed misinterpret you. Well still I’m dealing with these performance issues.
As far as the console itself, MY concern is the damn thing melting itself. Xbox One heats up insanely bad. Doubles as a bedside heater (no joke (AND I KEEP IT CLEAN TOO LOL))

there’s been on-and-off talk of that irritating problem for some time, I think I got round it by getting rid of the two guys on top of the building (you need to take one down to a lower hiding place) then snipe one target, hide, rinse and repeat - it’s definitely not related to the Xbox OS

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I would have agreed a few hours ago while I was trying to get around it for Master Sniper Assassin (still uncompleted bc of it). My last attempt was exactly what you suggested. Regardless of what I tried or where I tried it, the entire map swarms to you if you stay in the area where u took the shot (which on Colorado means the player has to clear the roof if u spawned there, take the SHOTA (no miss or AI is more aggressive) and IMMEDIATELY conceal the rifle and haul ass halfway across the map man’s stay there until 2 searches are conducted (the 1st being the bugged one which has lasted me 15 minutes one match (hiding too)). That’s why I’m convinced the game’s performance (on xbox one at least) decays pertaining to progressing thru the content (rapidly? Idk)

For me the game has frozen and kicked me out a few times. Also the super long loading of the game at startup seems to get longer and longer. Not sure if it’s worse recently but it is a pita.

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