Year 3 Hopes and Dreams

With the release of the surprisingly decent November Roadmap, year 2 is coming to a close (sad times).

But with the second year down, there is hope for a third year of goodness. We have Freelancer coming at the very least, but will there be more? And, if so, what would you want?

My (realistic) hopes are:

  • A new bonus mission, ideally for Chongqing where the outside area is better utilised. Also make it usable in contract mode too.
  • Speaking of contract mode, extending it to include some of the 7DS maps and the ICA Yacht would be nice. I’d also like an extension to allow for the marking of targets that need to be incapacitated too. Perhaps also marking items that you’ve picked up in the map as ‘acquired item’ objectives.
  • Getting a new escalation for Berlin was a very nice surprise, but it was more surprising that we didn’t get one for Ambrose. Considering the bonus H2 maps have one escalation, it would be nice to see one for Ambrose too.
  • For unlocks, I’d like to see some interesting outfits. I know some people like all the suits, but they mostly look the same to me. For what is probably the final year for the trilogy, give us more stuff themed after the classic titles. A crow, a pizza delivery guy, or maybe even a polygonal agent 47 outfit that makes him look like the original model!
  • As for weapons, I’d like some interesting reskins for the stuff that gets ignored. There are surprisingly few fiber wire and coin reskins, for example. Or give us some variations that act a little different. For example, a syringe that requires you to inject them in the neck like the old days - takes slower, but you get two doses.
  • A continuation of Featured Contracts! A boring wish, perhaps, but it’s exciting to see the community come up with ideas in the hope that Clemens’ dart hits theirs!

Tell me yours down below and lets give them ideas for next year!


The two most important things for me are bug fixing and especially a revamped contracts mode. Ioi should give more tools to the players to create content for the game while they are busy with 007.


There is some older cut content and items that I would like to see make it’s way into the game (more specifically a certain scrapped deluxe escalation).

Other than that the only two things I would want would be the return of the dual silverballers, and possibly a new snow map (that would likely be at the end of year three).

I would be happy to pay for such a map if IO released one, but overall I’m more than content with where the game will be at with freelancer and all the content we’ve gotten / are soon to be getting. The trilogy has had a nice lifespan, and I’m hoping that most of IO’s time will be spent on increasing the complexity and enjoyability of mechanics for the next game (such as a refined rating system).

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what if having a year 3 is the hope and dream? :thinking:


“All the Year 3s we made along the way.”

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There are numerous reskins of coins and fiber wire. There’s the regular coins, the ICA coins, the gold coins, etc. For the fiber wire, you got the regular and classic, then you’ve got the fishing line, the measuring tape, the corded earbuds, the strap, and the rope thingy with the snow climber suit.

We need fewer reskins and more unique items.


To be honest, I am not expecting much of a Year 3. I could see support/content for Freelancer, and maybe a couple of outstanding ETs for stand-alone or ETA. But I am thinking that Year 3 will be like 2018 for H2016 and 2020 for H2, ET reruns and Featured Contracts.

Hopefully there will be a return of Curated Contracts.

More updates to Freelancer, a bonus mission every four months, maybe a new paid location near the end

Another Elusive Target in Whittleton Creek. I think there’s only been one so far, and I missed it. Now we’re getting the Florida Fit as an unlock, the Suburban Suit is the only one I’m missing from the main missions.

Year 2023, with the signature mark III look, including:

  • expanded contracts mode (specific weapon requirement, more possible restrictions available (I personally love the “no athletics” one), more maps (ICA Yacht, ET maps, Escalation maps)
  • snow map
  • a complete Hitman: Codename 47 remaster that stays true to its roots (will accept additional cost)
  • fix Siberia mastery progression (it is the most ridiculous thing in the game)

Very sensible things to ask, so the question is not if, but when!

February, June, perhaps December?

But it will be in Year 3, with the signature 2023 look!

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Ghost Mode revival - hopes and dreams.
If it wasn’t true eventually, then Year 3 is all in vain


Sorry, I meant few good ones. They’re mostly naff and I hate all of them apart from the boring classic choice.

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One reactivated ET each for Paris and Sapienza (my last 2 missing suits) and fixing the emetic device bug that causes guards to pick it up over and over after it’s activated.

Aside from those, I’m primarily hoping for maybe another map location (H2 got 2 more locations after release and so far, H3 has 1).


Yes, please. That bug is terrible in such an excellent game, kills the immersion and also applies to other devices when put in containers.

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Since Freelancer technically takes place in Y3 its kinda embarrassing to ask for more. However.

  • Atleast one bonus mission. Its been 5 years since we had one for crying out loud. I’d trade all escalations for a bunch of bonus missions set in different trilogy maps. Maybe another PZ campaign? Some maps are too perfect for this.

  • Weapon packs (unlocks or DLC) with actual new weapons. Colt python, aug smg, spas-12 shotgun, M60. Im kinda done with hundred silverballer reskins and twenty different looking remote explosives. This shit has been requested since 2016 and is yet nowhere to be seen.

  • All data saved locally patch. Get rid of the always online bs. This is a singleplayer game. I shouldn’t be dependent of a internet connection to play this. The servers aren’t gonna be up for eternity. Losing all my shit (some of which I paid extra for) would be a disgrace.


But then if they add anything useful it gets nerfed an update later RIP molly the molotov


100% this. Having a bonus mission, some unique weapons, and the removal of online to mark the end of the WoA era would be the key things.

I’d still like a contract mode enhancement and sharing functionality, but you pretty much hit the major things for a year 3!


My issue is that there are so many OP weapons. The Emetic Briefcase is way more OP than the Molotov ever was imo. I think some slight tweaks to the Molotov could have balanced it better while making it still useful.

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I’d love to hear ur suggestions

For the Molotov? Removing the wallbang would probably be the main thing.I’d also potentially make it so that the first is an accident if nobody sees it.

Give it some utility without being stupidly OP