Year 3 Hopes and Dreams

And a suit choice for Untouchable (at least for the Outside Train Carriage start) would be on my list too. Would love to wear that White Shadow outfit on the train in the regular mission without having to play the DE Escalation.


yes the subject 47 suit

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And maybe an option to unlock starting loadout/smuggle point for later replays. We have all those Providence goons and all those unlockable guns with no way to connect the two together.


It’s funny to me that 2 of the 3 missions where a snowy type of suit would fit in well don’t let you choose your starting suit (Patient Zero and Untouchable)


I honestly want to see a snowy map, Hokkaido may have snow but it doesn’t really fit using the suits in the ‘Coats’ category while you’re there, I just want to see a map that has a whole bunch of snow along with the snow itself falling and it would make more sense to use the ‘Coats’ suits there as it will be more fancy like


Hey there bud. We already have a thread for this! I recommend posting your list there so it wont get scattered all over the place.:slight_smile:


I hope we do as well, but if IOI stop with new content after Freelancer then I think we can comfortably sit back and say to ourselves we’ve got an absolute badass game! :grin:

To be honest, Freelancer will probably keep a lot of us occupied until the next Hitman game to be fair.

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Especially with patches.

I think what I’d like to see the most that’s somewhat within any realm of possibility would be to make the game have longevity in the long-term. Something like full offline capability, and maybe a revolving schedule of elusive targets every month or so. And maybe having it so all of the featured contracts can be stored locally so they can still be played even after servers inevitably go offline.

If we’re talking wildest hopes & dreams and completely outside the scope of what IO would ever do, then I’d hope for a way to add some of the old maps from Absolution or Blood Money to Freelancer mode. Totally not something that would ever happen, but I think it would be really cool and add a ton more variety to it.


bring in more game modes i know freelancer is one but i love a new coop mode or bring back ghost mode cause i miss it


Please, LESS loud weapon unlocks for level Mastery
Also less Snipers. Yeah the Snipers are good but i have like 10 of them and I only like use maybe 3 of them.

I absolutely do not need more illegal knives, more smgs, more shotguns, more automatic rifles, etc. I have never used any of these weapons at the start of a game unless it was an escalation. When these items are the last mastery unlocks on a destinations that kills my motivation to reach mastery.

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Of course I could list many things that I would want, like remakes of iconic maps from Codename 47 to Absolution, just to revisit a few locations, with brand new targets, but I want to keep things more reachable, so a few changes would already make me happy:

  • Toggle for disabling Interactions prompts, there are toggles for almost everything HUD related in the Gameplay section, but the only thing that still stays are the Interactions which cannot be disabled, the only thing you can change is the size of the Interaction prompts, so a new optional toggle for it to not show up would be nice if someone like me wants to just have the environment on screen and no other distraction from the immersion, like playing as if you were in a movie, maybe a crosshair toggle as well.
  • Dual Pistols, well, it speaks for itself.
  • Suit change availability for starting locations where the required disguise counts as your own suit, Undercover at IAGO Auction (The Showstopper/Paris), Infiltrating Below the Helipad (Patient Zero/Hokkaido), Burj Al-Ghazali Exterior (On Top of the World/Dubai) but not for the skydiving suit, just for the suit that 47 wears after entering the Atrium Lobby, Bus Stop (Apex Predator/Berlin) maybe, Club Entrance (Apex Predator/Berlin), Winery Viewpoint (The Farewell/Mendoza) maybe. I don’t mind the locked starting suit in the Carpathian Mountains since it’s the most linear mission in the game, but leaving a place in the train that you could store your own suit of choice would be nice.
  • Every online content available offline without leaderboards, nuff said.

Few things that I would like but will not be a problem if never happens:

  • Door keyhole peeking, so you don’t need to relay on Instinct all the time.
  • Melee able to be thrown at cameras to break them, non-lethal just drop on the floor after or break if it’s breakable, lethal keep it stuck on the camera/wall the same way they get stuck when thrown at someone’s head.
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I’d like them to put Ambrose Island in the appropriate spot when it comes to the Story instead of it being way at the end.


The Fixer.

All the ETs playable by themselves.

Ability to pick an outfit when starting at the club entrance in Berlin.

Location default outfits available in Freelancer.

All weapons that haven’t been released for unlocking yet released.

Tactical. Turtleneck. With. Fucking. Gloves.


At this point the only things I would really want are:

  • Additional content drops for Freelancer (possibly allowing us to store more items that are already in the game?) and new payout and prestige objectives
  • Adding some additional starting locations into the base game (after all, that was a promise that was broken at the launch of Hitman 2 that bonus missions would receive additional start locations) and seeing that freelancer has effectively added them already so at least a little bit of the work is already done
  • Dual Silverballers
  • Maybe a revolver weapon(s)?

Two suits in particular could use relocation to more appropriate submenus in the Inventory: IMO, the Polar Survival Suit belongs in the “Tactical” category and The Arkian Tuxedo is arguably a “Formal” suit. I get IOI was going for an “Eyes Wide Shut” vibe, but that doesn’t change its classification as black tie. Pretty please, @clemens_IOI? :wink:


Please let us unlock one of these suits on Aprils Fools day

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I really want a Blaser R93 Sniper like the one 47 used in the Original games

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Timed Proximity Bomb Alarm Clock
A timed proximity bomb fashioned to appear like a harmless alarm clock.

  • Legal Item, not detected in a frisk, not a criminal action to place down
  • Not an interesting item, NPC will ignore it
  • Becomes a proximity bomb after 1 minute
  • Alarm will start blaring, making it an interesting object to NPC

I love spytech items that are designed to look like something else, and I think this device would be a cool assassination tool. This would be an item that has a very situational usage, with both advantages and disadvantages to the remote and regular proximity explosives. This item requires you know where your victim will be and when, since NPC will completely ignore this item until the alarm sounds. You are safe to pick this item back up for 1 minute after placing it, but after that it will act as a regular proximity bomb to you as well. This item would be useful if for example you know an NPC will be in a specific area very soon, but that area currently has NPC you do not want to be the ones setting off the bomb.

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This is close to one of the things that I’ve wanted: remote-triggered proximity devices. Rather than having a proximity device arm immediately after you put it down, give us a remote that can arm the proximity trigger.