Year 4, The Undying returns (March 22 - April 21 2024)

It also has don’t get spotted. Essentially, SA/SO is mandatory.

I thought that it was supposed to actually be him?

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The ET itself was pretty easy, but I already learned the best ways to infiltrate the Kronstadt building while playing Freelancer. I was finding the ET Arcade pretty easy too, but then I chose the bomb detonator over the remote emetic gas device detonator and blew him up on the first level!

Wouldn’t it make more sense for the suit rewards to be switched? With the ET giving the suit with the eye patch (since it’s the eye patch version) and the DLC giving the eyepatchless one (since the ET Arcade has the one with both eyes)? Also, I wouldn’t consider either of the suits Casual. They’re more Formal looking to me.

Hello my little friend. Some gold ol’ Hitman II days. Which I should wear?

The Doppelgänger Comeback

The Ruby Muffin Sweet

The Yellow Duck hunt


No, it’s a fictionalized, exaggerated version of him. It’s him, but it’s not him, like how the Michael Jordan in Space Jam is not the actual Michael Jordan of our real world , but the actual guy playing a fictionalized version of himself. That kind of thing.

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I’d prefer the first and second stage being switched. Freedom of approach on the first one, then added complications. Feels more natural. And whenever you want to play the mission “freely”, just reset the arcade. No need to “grind” through a pen approach first.

Yeah, I think I’ll lobby for a switch here…


Ah thanks, I was going off of your description via discord.

Agreed, that’s what I want too. I wouldn’t mind it being the last one either, if not the first. The second one is just annoying.

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Yeah, I found out about the second one when I jumped onto an alternate platform. Couldn’t see it on my main due to failing because I didn’t know about the complication changing. :joy:

So, again… why is The Undying Returns ET the one showing up now, and not the actual Undying? I’m not really getting that. The Undying original recipe should be the one playing now, and then The Undying Returns later in the year, or at least at the end of the season of Undying, right? I get the idea of the Undying returning to the game, but the actual Returns ET makes no sense without the original happening first, and that hadn’t happened since what? 2019, 2020, whenever the last reactivation period for H2 was?

I guess it works out in my favor in a way, because I can play the Arcade contract with his original version first, and use all three of the means of killing him in the R&D room (pen, combat android, explosive), and then play this ET with the way I wanted to officially finish him off for good, and it’ll be like I killed him 4 different times.

But still, puzzling that this is the version we get from the start.


Reminder to watch an hour of a Hitman 3 stream in the next 9 days if you want a Purple Duck to go with that other suit!


This suit?



Good! Thanks for the confirmation on that.

Last time in 2018, I got you with the pen, and now you have become one with the kaboom! Pretty satisfied with this run, going to be tinkering my way through a solid SA/SO for the Arcade now.


We really need a flamingo-theme “duck” to go with that.

Make it happen IOI, you know which bird is the apex predator.


Since all of my ET kills this year were fall accidents so far, I’ve decided to make Mark fall as well.
I’ve mandela’d myself into thinking that the “bridge” going through the middle of the floor had railings that could be used for pushing, but turns out it has window walls instead. Thought it could make for a nice spot.
The balcony by conference room was a bit too crowded for my tastes, so ultimately I had him tumble down the nearby staircase instead.

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Target acquired
Full video


Mark Faba a.k.a The Undying is back :dart:

Time to prepare some new stuff then :elusive_target_dark:

Cya soon :wink:


OK,I Eliminated The Undying- Mark Faba,I get it,Silent Assassin,I kill him


I could probably texture edit the purple duck actually.

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