Year 4, The Undying returns (March 22 - April 21 2024)

All right so what are the tricks to get Faba moving into his loop, after the meeting with Ready, more quickly?

KO Ready in the lobby. Faba will start his loop then. :+1:


That’s a good point to be fair. I didn’t really notice at first, but now you’ve pointed it out it stands out like a sore thumb haha :joy:

Maybe it was an asthetic choice for newcomers. Yeah, we know what the color of the fumes coming from the glass mean, but maybe the more casual players being coaxed back to play some more don’t, and the red fumes make it look more ominous, like blood, while the green emetic fumes just make it look like the drink is farting or something.

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Chloroform flask is NOT legal throw. Hell, they even nerfed it so if you drop it, it will raise suspicion.


Yeah I know. “That’s legal to throw” applied to the egg, not to the chloroform.


You’re making me all nostalgic for Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.

You’ll have me reminiscing with @Franz over the old Gamespy forum that spawned alongside Hitman: Codename 47

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Anybody testing that whole definition of insanity thing and just killing Faba with the pen over and over every time he comes back?

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Figured the Undying was worth taking a break from Freelancer. Last time I took Faba out, it was Suit Only, but I ended up knocking out half the people in the Kronstadt building, so this time I thought I’d try things SONKO-style. Of course, realizing I’d have 7-ish minutes to kill led to things getting a little…convoluted. :grin:


I love It! Going for the battle axe is a great challenge that you pulled off quite nicely. I also appreciate the Ruby Rude track suit and your grenade throws. And that guard/camera evasion 30 seconds in is beautiful! Fun run to watch :sunglasses:


sa/so no ko’s, electrocution


I actually got scared because I wasn’t expecting it to remember the photo once you scan it :grimacing:

Fourth try because of a briefcase disintegrating after hitting a camera, a bomb test gone wrong and a combo with an enforcer and a lag spike which resulted in me getting spotted…
What I did was starting with story quest to meet him (took the krondstat engineer disguise from the coat room), went through his introduction and changed into the scientist disguise from the basement changing room.
Then I got his photo from Knox’s room, gave the AI in the Android Lab a “suggestion” on who to target next and after getting surprised by its good memory I ran, took my suit back and made my exit via the event entrance.

I’ve basically stopped doing ETs at this point, partly because I forget about them but mostly because it’s just the same recycled content at this point and I got kinda tired of it (did they really had to make a Year 4 too? Couldn’t they just make them stay like Year 3 or bundle them together?).
As for the VIP ET, I had already done it in Hitman 2 more than once but I didn’t try all of the opportunity kills so I went for that.
All in all it was as fun as I remembered, I mean it is basically like a good Special Assignment mission with entertaining interactions and opportunities (also I haven’t tried Oroborous but it’s an escalation so I am in no rush, especially since you can buy it after the period expires anyways).

Oh yeah it also gave me this funny killcam:


Update: I tried the Oroborous escalation and failed at the third phase because I pressed the wrong button and got directly into line of sight with a guard…
And this was the first time i failed an ET arcade :no_mouth:
I’ll try it one more time while it’s free and if I make another dumb mistake again I’m just gonna forget about it and do it when I want to 100% the game.