Year 4, The Undying returns (March 22 - April 21 2024)

Some woman among the guests, you can easily tranq her with a corner shot. I’ll just do a quick run in contracts to find her name, maybe it works with other NPCs too.

Edit: Her name’s Catherine Burlet, she’s wearing a black hat and glasses. When you poison Margolis’ drink it will show the suspicion markers around 47, but everyone will be too focused on her to do anything and you can keep SA (as it usually works with suspicious actions around tranq’d characters).

Come to think of it this is kinda different than crouch-poisoning since I just tried to poison Margolis’ drink without crouching and I could keep SA too :x

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And you’re using a Kalmer, not the Sieker, right? I know you said it but I’m just clarifying.

Kalmer yeah. Sickening NPCs doesn’t prevent suspicious actions to be noticed AFAIK.

That should also work with anything that causes accidental KOs such as bananas or the snail (I use that all the time in Freelancer to get Frankie’s keys in NY).

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Haven’t seen this kill method of Faba, so here it is


Alright. Damn. Well… I guess I’d better play the actual Elusive Undying today, before it expires forever, maybe.

I’ve been pretty bad with being burnt out from ETs and missing dozens of them per year, but gosh, I’d better not miss out on this one!


Recreating my Garden Shredder kill…

Yeah. He was dragged and a multitude of NPCs were KO’d to mostly clear the way.

I don’t know if I’ll have the will to do the blast from the helipad to the garden shredder for level 3. It’s getting it lined up with PTs so he is pushed perpendicular from a row that points toward the shredder’s location. But that’s only 1/2 of it. Will he overshoot or undershoot? :thinking: Probably doesn’t matter because he’d (allegedly) already be dead at that point.


You can attend the meeting in your suit. The guards weren’t happy but you can do it

I thought gun lure was fixed

D’oh! No disguise changes. :smile: Well, I’ll try again when I can get back to Level 2. IF I can.

I always aim for Silent Assassin, especially with Elusive Targets, so this is not for me for sure

I hope it won’t be fixed.
There is bunch of other more important stuff awaiting fixes than fixing something that maybe even can’t be fixed - some of bugs are in the game since first days of H2016 and they live and blossom. Like infamous punch glitch and loads more.
And this line they follow Agent to say makes me think it was some kind of intended.
This makes game more convenient at the end of the day, so why fix that

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They patched an “exploit” that could let you play an ET after it has expired.

Okay, so actually, I’ve been bad and was more interested in playing some other games with friends in the last 2 days, and being kinda busy, so I never got around to playing Undying 2024.
And last night at midnight, I remembered there’d be the 8am deadline or whatever.

So I did what I did last time I was itching to play an ET after it left but I didn’t have time until then.
I booted up the menu, paused the game, put the PS4 into sleep mode, and once I come back it should let me continue since I’m already in-mission.

But no. Not anymore I guess. No idea since when but I’m sure I did it for a different ET for H3.
Goodbye Live-Service One-time Undying.
At least I got the non-eyepatch suit just for starting the mission right!

Plus thankfully there’s the Arcade DLC for all the Undying fun I could want.
Still, damn, I took the L on this one. My bad.


Oh no… I used the same “exploit” for Freelancer, when I was in the middle of a mission and couldn’t continue until later. Now I’m too scared to try if that still works. :sweat_smile:

Sorry to hear you missed out on Mark! Let’s hope he’ll make a return at one point (even though he’s in the arcade)!


I’m pretty sure it’ll work for Freelancer. Its not like there’s a timed deadline for when your mission expires.

Though I wonder, even if you remain connected to the internet, would the game just kick you out of the ET Mission if you played it in the last 10 seconds it was active?
(Because when the PS4/5 goes into Sleep Mode, it ceases all internet with the current application. I feel like re-connecting today caused it to re-sync with the servers so it caught on that I was accessing content I shouldn’t.)

Anyway, I won’t dare delay on missing out on that other CelebrET we’ve got.
I mean c’mon… NEW CONTENT? IN 2024? :drooling_face:

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Well my experience with the Undying is a success with an extremely frustrating outcome. I don’t know i didn’t get SA only 4 stars, not that i’m a die-hard for SAs but still, i didn’t do anything wrong, lured him to the toilets and drowned him, nothing else, i haven’t been spotted, everything went smoothly. I admit i wanted to do the dolphin exit but that’s all. I rewarded myself buying the DLC pack.
That’s very frustrating but the mission is fun.

I remembered.

For the 1st part I just cleared the pen area and stabbed him with it.
For the 2nd one I just threw a duck at him in the meeting room.
For the final 3rd one I actually was planning on drowning him… but he was staying too long in the room with the windows near the android room so I decided to snipe him from the control room.

I like that there isn’t an SA condition, meaning you can go for more experimental/loud assassinations.
I also like that the 2nd part of the escalation is basically the standard ET with nothing else added to it (even if I think it should’ve been the 1st one).
…yeah there isn’t much to say, I mean it’s an ETA they don’t go too crazy with them since failure equals waiting 12 real hours to try them again from the beginning, they’re mostly made to have a quick and easy challenge.

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I failed the last mission at least 3 times thanks to that disgusting instafail condition… ended up chucking a duck at him and booking it away on a dolphin


Lmao, this feels like it could be a great meme.

“Did you remember to play your Elusive Target? Pepperidge Farm Remembered.” :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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What’s up people?

After weeks of pain and curses, it’s finally (almost) done…

The Undying Elusive(s) Target(s) coming next week, here’s a little trailer awaiting the release:

Join The Season Of The Undying Community Events here: - Season Of The Undying: Community Events -

Third and last part of the events incoming in the next days, stay tuned for updates :wink:

Cya soon :blush:

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Here are my 3 levels of Oroborous SASO, No Loadout, No Knockout and No distract.
Level 1 was a pain and took me a long time to get right. Number two was fun and number three was a bit boering to be honest.


That Level 1 is ridiculous. Looks like a pain in the ass to pull off, so nicely done! Level 2 was creative, and you respectfully didn’t steal the Striker. Level 3… I don’t know why you didn’t just run down the stairs after scanning the picture, unless it was to create an added challenge, because you almost got spotted!


Thanks for the feedback - and for taking the time to watch it!
The only reason that I don’t use the door to the staircase is that I don’t have the keycard for it, so I have to take an alternative route out of the building by going upstrairs. Its one of the many pains of doing ‘No Loadout’ missions. You have to work with what you can find and put it to good use.