Yes or No...? 2

All of the above in some playthrough, but I think if I could have played only once, it is leaving him be in peace while he explodes along the Institute.


I mean I have played through the game several times now. I think my last playthrough was an Institute one though so that is what I picked.


Obviously the only option is to get the atom bomb baby mod and shoot baby Shaun out of your fatman :joy:


I’m so torn, I posted this because I’m on my first real playthrough of the campaign (I always just dicked around RPing and disregarded the story) and I’m not sure what to do. Part of me wants to mow down everyone in the institute with my beefy power armour build, but that means that I have to kill Shaun too since he turns hostile and can’t be pacified. But I don’t want to work with them, they’re basically Commonwealth nazis. I’m considering just trying to kill every one of their division leads and dipping, leaving Shaun agro’d but alive. I’m also playing on survival mode, so the coursers genuinely make taking them all on somewhat of a challenge.


Is this similar to the Paarthurnax dilemma in Skyrim (forced to kill him and by not doing so, you can’t complete the quest since it’s designed to be one-sided even though there are plenty of reasons why he should be spared and plenty of reasons why the Blades are just stupid)?
The writing in Beth games is just plain shite.

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By killing him, you basically unalign yourself with the institute and lose access to their questline/perks. The story can proceed onwards no matter what you choose. I don’t want to kill him because, even if him and his organization might be evil af, he’s still our baby boi and it feels wrong.

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Which animal, if kept as a pet, would be a huge indicator for you that the person keeping them is likely a disturbed individual?
  • Snake
  • Spider
  • Shark
  • Other
  • Any one of them being kept as a pet is a red flag
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For me, it would definitely be a spider, and more specifically, a tarantula. Normal spiders, I can kind of tolerate their existence for their usefulness and efficiency, and their appearance doesn’t bother me too much. Tarantulas, however… anyone keeping a tarantula as a pet is someone with a dark secret inside that I don’t want to know about.

Keeping a snake or a shark as a pet would just be cool.


Me who wouldn’t mind keeping one as a pet if I knew how to take care of it properly

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Hmm…I think I go with the Shark, although I’d be a bit weary of anyone who tries to tame a wildlife animal. Sharks are the most expensive to attain and upkeep Imo and they can never really be a pet. It’s gets a taste of your blood and you’ll become it’s next meal in a heartbeat.

Also I might be a little worried about the owner making “feed people to my Shark” jokes.


So glad to see that nobody is choosing snake for this one yet. I know many people have a fear or even phobia of them, but really, there’s never been anyone that was into snakes whom you couldn’t trust.


Not entirely true. :wink:



:unamused:… literally posted my own examples. And, frankly, more appropriate examples for the joke. How can you not trust your own playable character or a Kurt Russell protagonist? (The Thing doesn’t count)

:sweat_smile: Whoops, I missed that part.

It’s alright. That grumpy response was, itself, a joke. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This one is just out of pure curiosity.

Taylor Swift?
  • I love her and consider myself a superfan!
  • Consider myself a “swiftie,” but not obsessed
  • A fan, but not a “swiftie”
  • Music is ok, not a fan of her as a person
  • Fan of her as a person, don’t like her music
  • Indifferent
  • Don’t like her or her music
  • Oh my God, if I have to hear about her one more damn time…!
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I’m really not sure I could name any song of hers. I can’t say whether she’s good, bad or in the middle.

She’s overrated, super-privileged, and while she has a handful of enjoyable songs, her music is best described as meh.

So modern Madonna then. Never could stand her.

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Essentially, but to her credit, for her time, Madonna at least did her own thing. I can think of nothing about TS that is original.

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I like some of her songs and don’t care so much about her as a person :woman_shrugging: think she is overrated compared to other singers, and I am mad that she git the grammy for album of the year and not lana del rey, but well…

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