Yes or No II

But they have so many of the same problems!

Which do you prefer?

  • Codename 47
  • Contracts

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Since previous thread was closed, I’ll post here

Too much honor.
Also this smells a bit of exceeding official duties

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I had to watch season 8 to see if it was that bad. It wasn’t but it was bad.

Maybe, but I waited long enough for this. And nobody can stop me doing that with this one here in half a year. :smiling_imp:

Don’t ban me jar

His moderator rights should be revoked from now on

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It’s just been revoked!!

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Other candidates for the thread title
Multiple choice means you would combine the two (elaborate)

  • Yes or No? Mk II
  • Yes or No? again
  • Poll Mania Chapter 2
  • Poll Mania Part 2
  • Poll Mania Mk II
  • The Craziest 2-Part Thread that hasn’t been Locked
  • 10000 posts of polls and debates

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Hmmmm or Regular/Moderators could use their power and change the name.

oh yeah forgot about that.
But we wouldn’t dare disrespect @Accidental-kills98 now would we…

Who changed it to part deux?
also german is cooler language fight me


I will German is guttural and weird in structure.

Also who the fuck changed the title. You could have at least asked me!

I would never do such a thing.


Naturwissenchaften - Science
Taschenrechner - Calculator

Clearly this makes german very good language

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I can see who edits the title on my feed you idiot!

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I created anarchy

Ok everyone we will settle it here

  • Revenge of the nos (Revenge Of The Nerds)
  • Part Deux (Hot Shots!)

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You must be misreading it.

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Your profile just inspired me to put a pumpkin on my profile picture

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You welcome. Seasons Greetings to all who follow.

James the II was a pussy. You need to keep Scotland till the end of days.

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here it is

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