Yes or No?


Gotta be Gaston. He’s the best of the best


God, that’s hard. Personally, I always thought the best Disney villain was McLeach from Rescuers Down Under. Illegally hunting and killing endangered animals for money and kidnapping and attempting to murder a little boy because he was a witness; it was just the closest thing to genuine human evil a Disney character had ever displayed in my book.

But for the choices given, it was tough choosing between Jafar and Maleficient, as they both represent the classic villain; one a power-hungry madman who always wants more power, the other an already powerful tyrant who just wants to mess with people and rob them of hope. In the end, deciding who was best came down to how they lost. Jafar lost in the most classic way of all: becoming overconfident in his own power that he was tricked into defeat. Maleficient lost to something less common but more significant and fundamental; because she just couldn’t understand why the good guys would do what they did and how far they would go to do it. The good fairy Mistress Fauna spelled out her inability to understand “good” qualities and actions in people. So in the end, I chose Maleficient because her villainy had to be stopped with a more fundamental principal than Jafar.

Thinking it over, considering the reasons that I just mentioned both Jafar and Maleficient lost and their motivations to begin with… is Voldemort their son?


Well I guess if I ate 4 dozen eggs when I was a lad, I’d be the best of the best too :joy::joy::joy:


There’s simply no comparison

Every guy here’d love to be him

Even when taking his lumps


Which do you prefer?

  • Orange Juice with Pulp
  • Orange Juice without Pulp

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Damn talk about a well thought out description lol nicely put. Though I’m sorry I didn’t add that one (again 12 is the max unfortunately)



Best Superman Movie

  • Superman
  • Superman 2
  • Superman 3
  • Superman 4
  • Superman Returns
  • Man Of Steel

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Best Wu-Tang member?

  • Raekwon
  • RZA
  • GZA
  • Method Man
  • Ghostface Killa
  • Inspectah Deck
  • Masta Killa
  • Cappadonna
  • U-God
  • Ol’ Dirty Bastard

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And here I thought Batman villains had some incredibly stupid and obvious names.


Seriously though, I wouldn’t want to fuck with a guy named Ol’ Dirty Bastard


Oh I thought you were going to say Ghostface Killah. That sounds like a C-List general villain. Like Suicide Squad applicant level.


Abiatti only goes there bc he REFUSES to skip the meeting with Giovanni after Giovannis people move the meeting up. 47 asks if he should cancel the meeting and Abiatti will not aggravate Giovanni, who is a Union leader. This side story makes this the best kill in the game.

  • Mongolian BBQ
  • BBQ Spare Ribs

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Ribs is only one dish, Mongolian is superior, so many choices.


What can I say? Sometimes I rig it in favour of a certain answer. I am working on a poll right now that is certainly underhanded.


But there are heretics in this thread and they will certainly choose ribs.


Nothing wrong with ribs perse but I don’t partake of them much.


You better have his money!


Heretics indeed. We know who they are…


It’ll be Sean if for no other reason to spite me (us),