Yes or No?


Can we be adults here and not mention childish superhero shit?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Fuck your passive-aggressive shit, Agent.Smith!

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Bill Maher is that you?


Bill Maher is my bitch


Know’m sayin’?

  • Yes
  • Nah
  • What’s goin’ on honkies?

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Are you trying to declare how white you are?


Clearly you don’t know who J-Roc is


you a honky sonThis text will be ageist



Is Trailer Park Boys the best documentary ever, know’m sayin’?

  • Yes
  • No

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Was “The Orange Box” from Valve’s one of the best deals in general when it comes to videogames?

  • Yes
  • No

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People who hate Hitman…

  • are uncultured swines
  • have the big gay
  • need to be sent to the ranch
  • are filthy casuals
  • just bad at the game lmao
  • are absolutely right

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Which is rarer?

  • Civilised debate
  • Unicorns
  • Good films by Michael Bay
  • A videogame journalist being competent at any videogame
  • Trump making any kind of sense
  • An educated Aussie

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An educated Aussie? Like the ones that invented combined arm tactics, the black box flight recorder, the racecam, the ultra-sound scanner, the Frazier camera lens, the human pamillomavirus vaccine, medical penicillin, the inflatable safety ramp, permaculture, wi-fi, Google Maps,the bionic ear, the power drill, the pacemaker, the polymerbank note, the baby booster seat, the feature length film, flu medication, the utility vehicle, practical refrigeration, the notebook, the Q-bit, the finger print lamp and the tank.

And these are the practical inventions. Don’t get me started on theoretical sciences social sciences or arts. Also sorry for the late reply.


Alright since I truly am over taking potshots at England I want you to vote on what might be my new avatar after St Patty’s.

  • Option 1
  • Option 2

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Option one is this lovely picture of the malevolent dictator Kim Jong-Il as he is about to ride an amusement park (or is it a theme park? There is a difference but does “Love me unconditionally” count as a theme?) ride with several ministry members. It should be noted that the opening of the park was described in immense detail in a book written by the state. Yes North Korea publishes North Korea and Kim fanfiction.

Option two is this fucking frightening picture of DC superhero Batman taken from Batman: Arkham Origins. His face is the result of a violent beatdown he was giving to Deadshot (or maybe it was Deathstroke)


You see what I did for you? I gave you that opening mate. You’re welcome :joy:


Literally every one of these claims is fake news.


Of course a Brit is accustomed to using fake news. Can’t be convinced to leave large economic trading blocs without having an ill informed populace. (Don’t even deny it your countrymen were duped plain and simple)


I wouldn’t deny it for a second mate, I completely agree with you :grin:


Brexit was the stupidest thing you did since Galipolli. Oh wait no I forgot about the Appeasements with Nazi Germany.


Even you know you are scraping the bottom of the barrel with that one.