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And Neville Chamberlain was England scrapping the bottom of it’s barrel.


Hmm. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Been fun Doom but I am heading to the least favourite target thread. Some besotted fool has conflated Cassidy’s former job as a bodyguard with his current job as a security consultant. This sad fool must educated on the distinction! Pedantic ho!


I’m not sure if this whole Brit vs Aussie thing is for real or just play, and I’m hesitant to jump in and defend either side for that reason. Are you guys really pissing each other off, or just messing around?


Oh great MORE Brits who can’t get over losing their empire.:roll_eyes:
Don’t worry Teen, Doom and I are fucking around. But I am getting a little tired of post-colonial potshots.


Out of these options, which is the best Arnold one-liner?

  • You’ve just been ERASED.
  • I lied.
  • I eat green berets for breakfast and right now I’m VERY hungry!
  • You’re fired.

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I apologise. They’re done.


Is Nolan Cassidy a good target?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I think he’s a joke

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Actually here is a legit one. More interesting killer in Hitman?

  • Angel of Death
  • Helen West (Another Life)

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Is Agent 47 the embodiment of the Grim Reaper? Is he become death?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Go home Smith, you’re drunk again

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Jacques have you read my really long post in the “least favourite target” that goes into reconstructing and contextualising Cassidy as a post-hard power target?


Who is the greatest rapper?

  • Eminem
  • Biggie
  • Tupac
  • Nas
  • J-Roc

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I mean, I voted Eminem purely based on statistics. Tupac can’t really catch up.




Y’all are underrating J-Roc


Favourite Donald Trump line?

  • Covfefe
  • Fake News
  • MAGA!
  • SAD!
  • WiTch HuNT!
  • Tim Apple

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Oh I can’t pass this one up…


So I wanna do another preferred villain post but I am gonna use the X-Men since they are my favourites. I’ll have short bios attached for obscure ones. I’ll separate them into two posts one for humans and another for mutant/alien/other. This is a long one I made to spite Smith now he can have all the long winded blocks of writing and comic book stuff he loves. (I still like ya Smith I mean no harm)


  • Arcade
  • Bolivar Trask
  • Rev. William Stryker
  • Cameron Hodge
  • Donald Pierce

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Arcade: A gimmick character. Can you guess what his gimmick is? If your answer is archaic forms of clustering retail outlets then you are verbose but wrong. Arcade has the dubious honour of being one of the few human villains who is not a racist. No he is simply a psycho with too much time on his hands and a desire to rip of Batman villains. He creates deathtraps and tries to kill the mutants with them. Of course he never plays games when the odds aren’t in his favour , this helps establish a theme.

Bolivar Trask: A sad case of good intentions gone so woefully wrong. An MAD aesop. An anthropologist who clearly never minored in sociology or engineering, He though mutants posed a threat (not that humans are capable of murder and despotism). He advocated GIANT ROBOTS to just monitor mutants and control them. His sentinels means he has a death toll equivalent of two and a half Holocaust. Of course he wasn’t evil or an out and out racist. He was a guy who killed himself out of guilt for killing so many mutants.

William Stryker: Originally Stryker had redeeming qualities but any trace of that man has slowly died as his faith in God became his belief that mutants are sinful beings that need to killed he even wound up gaining Satanic powers to engage in his God-given (read insanely hypocritical on ever level) mission, even his new cult (which as you know is one of Gdd’s favourite things) is ran by Mentallo (a mutant). Oh he also car bombed 30 odd mutants

Cameron Hodge: A sociopath who was jealous of his best friend Warren Worthington III (Angel, of the X-Men)] being a mutant so he decided to devote his whole life to being a racist just to spite him. Yet another hypocite since Hodge is now an imortal cyborg thus making him way more powerful than Angel was initially (ironically he wound up helping turn him into Archangel inadvertently). Also he leads The Right. He is a cross between The Borg, a soap opera villain and Richard Spencer, sure makes him evil in my book.

Donald Pierce: The big one you can’t get more evil in the X-Men’s list of human villains than Donny. He checks off all the things you need to be an X-Villain and more! He is a hypocrite by virtue of being pro-human yet is an unrepentant child killing sociopath who became an empowered cyborg to wage war on mutants and has little to no regard for human life. He is a mass murder with a kill count of 348 mutants. To cap it off most of his kill count is children since he is too “tactically minded” (Villanese for cowardly prick). He is a smug rich bitch with a vile, spiteful streak kilometres long with no motivation behind him at all (every racist character has SOME form of motive weak or not: faith, abuse, over-zealous belief in mutant rebellion, boredom ect.). Seriously the only good trait he has is dead but even then it has not stopped him before…




What? The bios too short? I can make them longer if you want. I mean all I want to do is share my hobby with the world and stigmatise it for all the world. Is that so wrong, I bet you would do almost anything to have more people playing Hitman.