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Where 1 = “Not at all” and 5 = “Absolutely”, respond to this statement: “I am excited about the future of the Hitman franchise.”

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On a scale of 1 to 5, has anyone made a rating poll yet?

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The corniest Boy Band?

  • The Backstreet Boys
  • 98 Degrees

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Best Character in “Killer Instinct”

  • Black Orchid
  • Chief Thunder
  • Cinder
  • Eyedol
  • Fulgore
  • Glacius
  • Jago
  • Sabrewulf
  • Spinal
  • T.J. Combo
  • Riptor

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Will this thread ever end

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  • No

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L A Woman needs to be there, it’s a great song


How did you do that? I tried it already and it didn’t work for me!


If you want to have 2 of the same options, you put a spoiler with no text in front of one of the options


A new Hitman level in Australia:

  • Sydney, New South Wales
  • Emu controlled bushland, WA
  • Picturesque Hobart, Tasmania
  • Pauline Hanson’s Fish and Chip Shop, Queensland
  • Barossa Wine Valley, SA
  • Safety Beach (formally Shark Bay), Victoria
  • Parliament and High Court, Australian Capital Territory
  • Uluru, Northern Territory

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Really? No votes for Uluru?


Well there isn’t a lot of opportunities for kills at Uluru.


Which do you prefer?

  • Metallica
  • AC/DC
  • Pink Floyd
  • Led Zeppelin
  • All Four Choices
  • None of the Following Choices

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No contest


Which did you vote for?


The greatest band of all time


My man


Alright so yeah here is part two. Never leave a job unfinished. Luckily the bios are shorter since the mutant villains are so well known

  • Magneto
  • Apocalypse
  • Mr Sinister
  • Sabretooth
  • Exodus
  • Mojo
  • Sebastian Shaw
  • Mystique
  • Toad
  • Madeline Pryor

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Magneto: If you don’t know who Magneto is then maybe mutants should inherit the Earth (even our spell checker recognises Magneto as a word).

Apocalypse: If you don’t know who Apocalypse then you deserve to be eradicated from the gene pool for the betterment of mutant kind.

Mr Sinister: Well with a name like that what else could you be? Formerly Nathaniel Essex a biologist who (unlike every other human villain who is a racist or a protectionist) loved mutants, he is one of the first people to study the X-gene and continues to do so through highly, highly dubious and lethal means. He gain a superpower smorgasbord after striking a deal with fellow Darwinist Apocalypse…

Sabretooth: Again a villain with enough exposure that I am leaving you to recall everything you know about him but here is two words to help you remember: Evil Wolverine.

Exodus: Exodus was an inquisitor/leader for a Magneto-centric cult The Acolytes. He is an absurdly powerful mutant (his powers were unlocked by Apocalypse who tends to favour absurdly powerful mutants… and Angel) boasting telepathic/telekinetic powers the likes only Frost, Jean and the Prof have. He simply wants to protect mutantkind but the only way he knows how is through demagoguery and eradication which is actually rooted in the fact that he was a Knight Templar flung into our times didn’t help (nor does his wild author dependent personality). Exodus however does have redeeming qualities like his sense of honour, his unerring faith (a shame he belongs to a Magneto cult) and has been shown to slowly work with humans. (Last I saw Exodus he was an agent of SHIELD but that was five years ago now).

Mojo: Imagine crossing the ugly corpulent alien Jabba the Hutt with Vince McMahon’s (spell that right?) desire to televise over-merchandised mindless violence and the ratings whores at every single American movie and TV studio and you have Mojo. His powers come from his ratings, he specialises in creating murder/arena based reality shows, he once did really good things for ratings (although he is capable of doing good on his own but rarely), he has made so much money merchandising it puts Master Yogurt to shame. He created a clone and called it Mojo II: The Sequel.

Sebastian Shaw: I couldn’t leave a Hellfire Clubber of the list and Shaw fits the roll to a T. He specialises in building death robots to make the massive amounts of money he spends paying off politicians and having sex parties. He is every single American billionaire of his time.

Mystique: Again a really obvious one, there is a good chance you know who she is and here basic characteristics. Well enough to make an informed decision.

Toad: A pity voted ever since he was born Mortimer Toynbee Toad’s life has been terrible. A toad in ever sense of the word he is ugly like a toad, he has toad like powers and the only thing he does is get abused and suck up to people who detest him for doing it (the word for that is toadying). Nothing goes right for him in a group of mutant supremacists even HE is abused for his mutations. He defected to the Hellfire Club and was made janitor at their Academy of Evil. Fell in love with a woman who left him and died. He is actually handsome but his powers turn him ugly, his powerset was weak and underdeveloped and when editorial finally boosted him he was already a joke. Every time he mercifully looses his powers he gets them back again! Nothing goes right for Toad.

Pryor: A clone of Jean Grey who was created by Mr Sinister for his nefarious Summers-Grey related experiments (the most evil thing Sinister has done is fuck up this family tree so much it is untraceable). However when Jean Grey was resurrected Marvel decided to completely assassinate her character starting with the Inferno event where she tried turning New York into even more of a Hellhole (bear in mind this was before the extensive gentrification of New York) She died at the end of the event but luckily being a clone of Jean Grey death is just a holiday for her and she has been back to torment the X-Men since.


Best last word?

  • Yeah, can I fuck your sister? (Eddie Pulaski)
  • I took the trash out! I DID! And I’d do it all again… (Frank Tenpenny)
  • When I’m gone, everyone gonna remember my name… Big Smoke! (Ryd… Big Smoke)
  • I’m a motherfucking genius! (Ryder)

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You realise that you can set the vote so that you can see who voted for what, right?