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Is @doom-generation having too much fun with these?

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  • No

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So that’s where Solo was filmed


Yeah I bet the Chinese have never heard that one before.:roll_eyes:


Have the Chinese heard that one before?

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  • No

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Missed it by a couple of hours, but Scomo isn’t that bad


I guess but if he was replaced by a plastic office fern I would highly doubt we would know the difference.


Do people know how this thread works?

  • Yes/No
  • Maybe
  • Not sure yet
  • I want cake

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is the fallout 4 dialogue system the best one in videogames so far?

  • yes
  • no but yes
  • yes, sarcastically
  • deliver exposition please

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Is Fallout 76 the worst fallout game?

  • Yes
  • Yes.
  • Fucking yes

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Favourite rdr2 gang member besides Arthur or John?

  • Lenny
  • Bill
  • Dutch
  • Hosea
  • Javier
  • Charles
  • Micah
  • Sean
  • Strauss
  • Josiah
  • Sadie

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Favourite Hitman 2 Mission

  • Yes
  • No
  • Nes
  • Yo
  • Sen
  • Oy

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I have to go for Sen’s Fortress. The maze-like structure, filled with deadly traps and snake people, make for an excellent and progressively more threatening area. You never know what is around the corner. The area is topped off with an excellent upper area with tight walkways, some very interesting hidden characters, and a fun, while admittedly quite generic, boss fight with the Iron Golem, which transitions into your entrance to Anor Londo, the most iconic area of the game, topping off the experience with an excellent conclusion to the area.

5 stars.


There is Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel though. (Not to be confused with Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel.) A Diablo clone which plays nothing like any other Fallout game, has a weird plot that barely fits in with the tone of the past Fallout games, and is meant to be one of those games that just throws a difficulty wall at you the further you make it ahead. I havn’t played either game, but honestly, I think 76 might be better than it. By a miniscule amount, but 76 isn’t the first awful Fallout game.


I’m more curious who likes feet. That’s a man of culture over there.


ftfy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) +20cha


No choice for the ‘Military Briefcase’ used for the Agency Pickups? :pensive:


What’s YOUR Pole Position?

  • I’m movin’ real fast, I’m the only one who can get there on time
  • I’m never too far behind, I’m always fighting crime
  • On the curve or a face in adventure, in the danger zone
  • Pretty soon I’ll be off on a mission, come and watch me go!

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If you check your profile’s summary, you can notice who are the people who commonly like your posts and who you like aswell. Are there any chances that in the top people who like your posts, @SeanBernowicz is there?

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I love you, Sean.


I voted no


Fun fact: my dad worked on Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel. He didn’t work on Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel though, thankfully.