Yo IOI, regarding Glacier 1 Engine

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Now i am well aware of the fact that many IOI employees who worked on the Glacier 1 era of Hitman games (C47 to BM) are no longer working there, but i’m assuming you guys still have the source code and dev tools of Glacier 1 archived at your studios.

Given how you’ll likely never have any use for Glacier Engine or its tools again, would it be possible for you to make a public release of some build of Glacier 1 (preferably the 2006-2010 build used for BM and Kane & Lynch)?

Now i’m not an expert on how game companies work in practice but i don’t see how Glacier 1 would profit your company anymore as you presumably will never use it again. The last time you utilized Glacier 1 seems to be in 2010 with K&L2. That’s a decade of software and code gone unused.

My interest and usage of the engine and the tools would be purely 100% personal without any sort of financial gain.

Or at the very least could you possibly release some of the developer tools? I don’t remember the exact build number of Glacier used for BM but that version and its associated tools would be the most preferred choice.

Thank you.


It would be really interesting, however despite being 10 years old, it still might contain elements that are highly valuable for the present and future development and IO might not want that to be public.
Evaluating this concern would also require to check the whole source so be aware that is not only about uploading dusty files.

That is possible to set in the license of the published source code, however regarding my first paragraph one could still take the algorithms of the code and use it for their own engine without having to care for the license. That is because you can only hold copyright of algorithm implementions, not of the idea how these work. So that might not fully clear out the possible concerns.

I assume you would like to see all versions of Glacier 1 as each game uses another one?


Hope I had GLACIER1 & JADE to design with like U !
But IOI could sell it to heal the financial problems because of seperating from SQUARE ENIX !

You rarely or better yet, never hear about developers releasing the source code for their games that never had any true mod support so I wouldn’t hold my breath for IO to release something like this.


The anniversary of the Hitman franchise is coming soon.
It might be the good moment to release such a gem :blush:


A Remake or even a simple Remaster would be a more welcoming announcement than the source code that 99.9% of us don’t know what to even do with it :stuck_out_tongue:
Hell, I could even settle with some footage of some old builds of C47 and I’d still be happy :slight_smile:


i still wish what they remember about many classic features from old Glacier and returned them

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I have spoken to a head code programmer from IO Interactive himself a while back. He unfortunately confirmed that there will never be a glacier 1 editor released, or at the very least, extremely unlikely.


I miss Silent Assassin’s shooting through the keyhole feature. Even though it hardly worked, it was a really badass touch.