You can't conceal the sawed off shotgun anymore

In the most recent update that came with the prison IO apparently decided to get rid of the one thing that made the sawed off shotgun unique and useful. Yes the sawed off shotgun is now no longer concealable and with that gone so to is any reason for it to even exist. It is now just a beat up crappy looking worse version of the normal shotgun. And no this was not unintentional they changed the name and description of it so they intentionally fucked it up. What is the reasoning in fucking up your main weapon unlock for your most recent level it no longer serves any purpose whatsoever.

They said that it’s a temporary change.


I was always able to put it in the agency pick up, and why even do a temporary fix if that fix negates it’s usefulness.

Happy to see they will revert it. It is the only thing that made the shotgun cool.


“How to we could make the weapon work” is there a typo in this sentence?