Your desktop


Hi… Post a pic of your desktop in here.


Why don’t you post one to start?



Had the same desktop wallpaper since 2012. I even have it on my phone from the same year


The only time I post from a PC is when I am at work.
I can’t show my work desktop because I have sensitive information on in-and it’s too much (dual screen) for me to clear it all off just to show you-all Plus I like having a junky desktop-so another reason I am not inclined to move it off. LOL

So instead most of my posts come from my cell phone. I posted the background for my cellphone-since that is my ‘PC’ I have the photo cropped so that only the solider is visible.


I had that once too, back in 2k12.


I’ll play along. A wallpaper I found a couple days ago.


Welp. Nothing special here.


Other than the crazy wideness! Looks cool man. And nice design with icons on the pentagram. Have you considered changing the icon pictures to a more fitting theme?


To me it feels like I’m running the pic into the ground. Used it everywhere as signature and whatever, other than minor alterations it stayed the same. Funny, considering I initially meshed it for one-time use.

-Edit because your edit: No, I can’t create icons that well.


I’m sure there’s some cool black/white/purple colored icon packs out there but you’d prefer to make them yourself?



Can’t be bothered because 10 has this whole Metro thing deeply embedded. If I still were on 7 I’d probably already would’ve. (U7imate+Dark icons comes to mind.)


There is nothing special here… Very messy… Student like… i am kind of a student…(sorta more or less) But my backgrounds are mostly Hitman related… Dark or Black… I have been trying new back grounds but I might switch back to an old wallpaper I have of ICA logo with a silver background.

EDIT: I edited some of the files with Names on them… rest is as you see it is.


Wasn’t aware there was an online mode for metal gear solid :smile: shows how much I know.


SO that’s like a Gamming PC and that’s it… No other major use is it?


Has been since 2006…


If by that you mean if I do productive things with it… nope! hueheuehuehueheuhu


I only played the very first ones then the latest one didn’t keep it long enough to find out. I only sold it as I needed money was a good game.


It’s funny you say that because I haven’t messed around with changing the UI in Windows since 7.