Your desktop


I did it with XP and 7. Royale Remixed and U7imate respectively.


I used to be a big fan…


I can’t remember any of the stuff I used but it was fairly exstensive. I even added the Mac app dock thing at the bottom of the screen. I think it was called something with rocket.


RocketDock. I had a mac theme going in XP for a while, but went back to Royale since I naturally gravitated towards dark themes.


Maybe I’ll look into Royale a day where I have too little to do and too much time on my hands.


yeah its not much, i am mixed about it. i like it and was pretty good at it, i want to play more. but the community is stand offish at best and the game is at its best with friends.


I think I will have to buy it again at some point to complete it and also play online.


well if you do and its on the ps4. i wanna roll with ya


I am on ps4 so if I get it I will let you know :smiley:.


I need this wallpaper! Where did you get it?


My take on it

And the original

Can’t remember where i got it from so this is the best I can do.


Thanks for the new wallpaper!


Don’t you see enough of that screen in Hitman!? :joy: It is a cool picture though.



That is simple, yet stylish.


I hate icons and only keep one on my desktop. I like it simple and clean.


I have this on my phone but my laptop and iPad are photos of either me and my gf or me and my daughter.


Nice picture.

Yeah I usually like the simple and clean look. And if I had a computer that wasn’t POS that’s how I would have it.

But alas I’m stuck with a work computer filled with documents and reports.


I almost exclusively use my phone so I’ll show you my iPhone homepage. I like all the stuff to be on one screen but I’ll drag one icon to a second page to allow a clear view of the background. Yes, I took the photo myself.


I don’t have an I-phone but…how did you take a picture like that?