Your desktop


If you mean how did I get a screen shot of my phone display then it’s simple. We hit the home button and the on/off button at the same time. Android phones work in a similar way.

If you mean the side by side then it’s also simple. I merely took two screenshots and used an app that allows for multiple photos to be put into a grid.

If you mean the pic of manicanPiss. I used my I phone and got close enough to “frame” the boy inside one of the details of the black fence that protects him.


LOL yeah sorry for not being specific.

I mean the screen shot, thanks


Are we doing phones too? Here’s mine



lol did it. Also, i hate the city of saint louis. im not from here.


Where are you from?
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my culture is american.
i was born on a miltary base.
i have lived in all the regions of the United States.

i answer that way cause i know the gist of your question and if i tell you where i was born it wont answer you.


That’s BC there are Cardinals there. Without them the city would be Cubs fans, and thus they would be OK.


J/W where someone who hated St. Louis would be from. Go Blues!


yeah i know, thats the best answer you can get from a miltary brat.


Military brats are an interesting breed. I am not one, but I have dated a few. The thing is tough, they were forced to move 5 or 6 times growing up. They are some of the only people who have a valid excuse to route for a wide variety of teams. I have seen some that love both the Cowboys and the Redskins. I have seen some that love the Yanks and the Red Sox!!! I know, sacralidge!!! But if you first started watching the Yanks when you were 4 or 5 and then shifted cities 3 times with 3 different teams never really loving any of them and then graduated high school in Boston… I guess it makes sense. High school years affect who we are a lot but you’ll always love that first team even if back then you didn’t.


lol yeep, plus i got a few foreign countries under my belt. wouldnt have traded it for anything in the world. made me a chameleon.


That’s mine. :smile:


Very nice. I like it :slight_smile:


This is mine


I’m rarely on PC,so here’s my phone pic


Knowing some Serbians folks I was sure you had the Serbian flag as a desktop too


Haha yeah I know some of my friends that do have,but I guess I’m not that much of a patriot


Loving my new wallpaper. Hitman insignia is such a good looking thing.

Wish I could get rid of those jagged edges though


Even steam in HITMAN style!