Your desktop



How did you get Steam to look like that?, i havn’t been able to find any Hitman Steam skins.


I create my own here - you can choose colors and add some picture in place of steam logo.


The best one yet. :heart:



I like it the way I hate it at the same time because it has some pieces of the baby face from the alpha


Changed my phone like I said, with the picture I altered.


The Hammer and Sickle is a cool looking logo.


Unsurprisingly, if you’ve been following my posts for a while, this is my wallpaper for the Boot Camp partition on my MacBook Pro…


Was bored yesterday and did some light editing to my phone tihihihi

And the white icons act as folders


Google just released this quiz to help you customize your home screen, and I have downloaded new icon packs and a new launcher for my Nexus 5. My computer background is pretty clean, it’s a screenshot from the game Firewatch.


where did you get that picture?


My background for the unlocking screen


My current phone wallpaper plus the five apps I use for editing videos and seeing analytics of my YouTube channel. I love using concept art as wallpapers, and change them from time to time


LOL I see you. I started doing that too. Right now I use the concept art for Deus Ex as my unlock screen. Might change it to Fall out 4 soon.


Actual photo


that’s my current wallpaper :smiley:



iphone background. (I do yoga so its justified :yum:)

desktop with dual monitor. Its “The Triumph of Death” by Pieter Bruegel. On my left monitor, space quest, gta3, and Hitman 1-4 games :relaxed:


I can’t show my actual work desktop as I have sensitive material on there I don’t feel like hiding and moving around just for a picture. So below is the picture I use as my desktop.


This is my phone.

BK phone