Your desktop


don’t mind my sexy legs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



Just… clean :smile:


Just changed it. It was the DE symbol from Deus Ex:


But I changed it to the Lun Infinus from Scott Cawthon’s The Desolate Hope:





Do you have a link to the background you used?


Yep. Here you go.

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My phone wallpaper :blush:
Please don’t take me as a pervert or anything, I really like Chloe as a character in Uncharted 2,3 and The Lost Legacy and found this wallpaper so I set it as my wallpaper :smile:


My desktop, at the moment. I use a slide show. :smiley:





lol that’s a pretty low bar for “pervert”

how are you able to play gta 3 on your phone?


There is an Android port available in the play store for 5$ :slight_smile:


It’s here as well: Hitman Wallpapers Vault


oh shit, well let me pick that up.


Well thats my gaming laptop desktop:


There’s Vice city and san andreas too


No PC these days. I typically change up my iPhone wall pretty regularly but the last few months has been my Dad (recently passed) with my son (living 2 hours away).


Normally I like water themed nature. These are my “go to” pics.


And for the occasionally lenthy “dry spell”, a sexy face. Always good to have a pretty girl in your pants. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I’m sorry to hear that! :no_mouth: But its always good to have family pictures like yours, so the deceased ones won’t be forgotten. Sadly I didn’t had lot of time to get to know my grandparents.


You from Michigan right? lol surprise, surprise you like the water pictures.


That thing is a DE?

Mind = Blown


I had since 2011 the same wallpaper on my phone and pc with the Absolution snake. Still have it now on my pc.
But I decided to try something different on my phone and it looks gorgeous.
I took this picture of the ICA keychain.