Your Elusive Target kill methods


Here’s mine. All SA unless otherwise noted.

The Undying: Injected Poison
The Revolutionary: Consumed Poison
The Appraiser: Accident (Fire)
The Fugitive: Accident (Fall)
The Politician: Melee (Katana)
The Black Hat: Fiber Wire
The Prince: Injected Poison
The Undying Returns: Pen Impalement
The Deceivers: Accident (Falling Object) x2
The Entertainer: Fiber Wire
The Bad Boy: Consumed Poison
The Chameleon: Accident (Drowning)
The Identity Thief: Accident (Electrocution)
The Gunrunner: Accident (Explosion - Car Bomb)
The Blackmailer: Fiber Wire
The Angel of Death: Accident (Fall)
The Warlord: Melee (Machete)


My turn I guess. All SA, a few SO as well.

The Undying: Drowned in toilet
The Revolutionary: Lethal poison in wine glass
The Appraiser: Burnt alive
The Fugitive: Soda can pacification + drowned in onsen
The Politician: Panic hammer + neck snap
The Black Hat: Hammer spree + neck snap
The Prince: Lethal syringe
The Undying Returns: Shot by PALLAS
The Deceivers: Guru - EMP electrocution in toilet / Congressman - Propane explosion in lockdown
The Entertainer: Lethal poison in glass
The Bad Boy: Pushed down the cliff
The Chameleon: Pushed down the balcony
The Identity Thief: Pushed down the balcony
The Gunrunner: Pacification + remote propane explosion
The Blackmailer: Stabbed in toilet
The Angel of Death: Pushed over a 50cm tall railing
The Warlord: Killed with own machete

I wanted to drown the Warlord in the same bowl of water as Oybek Nabazov but I was too scared to try and risk losing SA. That’s why ETs should be permanently replayable.


The undying : android kill
The revolutionnary : fire
The appraiser : chandelier
The fugitive : electrocution
The politician : sniper
The black hat : el matador
The prince : loud shotgun
The undying 2 : explosion
The deceivers : troutt : chandelier, magee : fall
The entertainer : poison
The badboy : concept 5 :wink:
The chameleon : chandelier
The identity thief : wire electrocution
The Gunrunner : Tac 4 AR
The Blackmailer : fire axe because it’s friday the 13th :scream:
The Angel Of Death : Fiber wire
The Warlord : Jarl the pirate’s saber :pirate_flag:


The Undying: Pen in the eye
The Revolutionary: Lethal posion, too lazy so just followed Mr. Freeze
The Appraiser: Fiber Wire I think
The Fugitive: Sacrificial Knife, fell into sauna
The Politician: Katana
The Black Hat: Machete
The Prince: Sacrificial Knife
The Undying Returns: Death Robot No Restarts
The Deceivers: Couldn’t be bothered
The Entertainer: Push accident
The Badboy: Boring ET, didn’t play
The Chameleon: Manual lure - drown accident
The Identity Thief: OP death phone of pain and suffering No Restarts/No Pacifications
The Gunrunner: Fiber Wire so I could make Piano_Man proud after forgetting about the Appraiser
The Blackmailer: Fireaxe - head ’ n ’ knee two step No Restarts
The Angel of Death Explosive Pen No Pacifications
The Warlord: Breaching charge thrown at her face and then detonated Enforced upon,no SA.

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The Undying: missed him
The Revolutionary: failed :frowning:
The Appraiser: Cigarette and gas tank
The Fugitive: Pushed over the fence
The Politician: gas explosion
The Black Hat: lethal syringe
The Prince: electocution in the krypt.
The Undying II: pen through the eye.
The Decievers: Troutt wine poison, Magee pistol elimination in the back
The Entertainer: coffee poison
The Badboy: water poison
The Chameleon: push from the balcony
The Identity Thief: wire electrocution
The Gunrunner: sawed off Bartoli 12G
The Blackmailer: fiber wire
The Angel of Death: Tanto, melee
The Warlord: Machete, thrown


The Undying : Subdue & necksnap or pen through eye (don’t remember)

The Revolutionary : SASO consumed lethal poison

The Appraiser : I ducked myself (failed)

The Fugitive : SASO accident drowning

The Politician : SASO accident explosion

The Black Hat : Lethal syringe

The Prince : SASO lethal melee

The Undying Returns : SASO Fiber Wire

The Deceivers : SASO Guru - Accident falling object / Congressman - Lethal poison

The Entertainer : SASO Necksnap

The Badboy : SASO!KO Fiber Wire

The Chameleon : Accident fall

The Identity Theif : SASO!KO Fiber Wire

The Gunrunner : Lethal Melee

The Blackmailer: Fiber Wire

The Angel of Death: Failed, got killed while climbing the pipe thinking I could make it before they gunned me down.

The Warlord: Fiber Wire

15/17 (15 SA, 2 failed)

The Serial Killer: SASO!KO Fiber Wire (prediction)

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Fortune favours the bold :sweat_smile::+1:


The Warlord: Used breaching charge on safe, killed her in her room with the trusty syringe. (SA)
The Serial Killer: Not out yet, but I will say in advantage, that I will kill him/her with a knife, machete, butcher knife, tanto, just anything brutal!

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Not to worry, I did it for you mate :smile:


Anyone else no longer worried about losing SA now they’ve unlocked all the suits in relation to it?


It’s not about the suits anymore, it’s about the ET SA challenges. I personally don’t want to see permanently uncompleted challenges in my Career tab.



so basically, I think you have a point.

The Undying: pushed over the railing
The Revolutionary: consumed poison
The Fugitive: pushed over the railing
The Appraiser: snowball surprise
The Politician: gas lamp
The Black Hat: lethal syringe
The Prince: The Bells Are Ringing
Undying Returns: poisoned coconut balls
The Deceivers: lethal syringe on each
The Entertainer: pushed over the railing
The Badboy: pushed over the railing
The Chameleon: disposed off in a swamp
The Identity Thief: pushed into the waters of Seine
The Gunrunner: fried in oil
The Blackmailer: lethal syringe
The Angel of Death: pushed over the railing
The Warlord: lethal syringe

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too chicken to avoid the cheat kill this time and even then I nearly messed it up

Undying - injection/garrote/snap neck (I can’t remember)
Revolutionary - poison
Appraiser - fire accident
Fugitive - poison
Politician - poison
Black Hat - snap neck
Prince - injection
Undying Returns - garrote
Deceivers - both poison
Entertainer - poison
Badboy - poison
Chameleon - poison
Identity Thief - electrocution 'phone (sorry)
Gunrunner - garrote
Blackmailer - electrocution 'phone (sorry)
Angel of Death - garrote
Warlord - electrocution 'phone (sorry)

17/17 SA

This happened today when I was playing new elusive target.

Into the shrine!? Such disrespect!

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The thing is you can actually drown her into that bowl cause it has water.
I did not realize you could do that and stopped the recording before that also I forgot to KO one of her bodyguard who followed her into the room, didn’t wanna ruin SA rating for it.

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What does that mean?:slightly_smiling_face:

It means he was too stupid to step in leaked oil puddle from the barrel.
Of course I couldn’t resist from… you know

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“Fried” sounds a little strange.It would be easier to understand if you would say “burnt in oil” or simply “fire”. =)