Your Elusive Target kill methods

Undying: consumed poison sa
Revolutionary: consumed poison sa
Appraiser: Failed rip
Fugitive: screwdriver thrown not sa I had to sprint for the cable cart afterwards
Politition: folding knife thrown sa

Anyone, please feel free to link to the posts for vids &/or screenshots of the kills. :grin:





Nope…just killed the target, nobody got koed
Like @Ibbe040 said, that was a SA! :frowning_face:

The two bodies in the foilage never got found and there are two guards on the roof, none of them got knocked out by the explosion either.
Very strange because many and even I used the gaslamp kill and got SA so that’s 100% a bug.

You should trim the clip so it’s only the final run and send it or tag someone from IO, I don’t know who though. Maybe someone else knows

Here’s the clip if anyone wants to watch and review it, I don’t see anything other than it being 100% SA and the body found being 0 is a bug.
Clip of the final run starts at 4:30


The Undying - Pen through the eye
The Revolutionary - Consumed poison
The Fugitive : Accident (Fall)
The Appraiser : Accident (Gas Tank)
The Politician : Accident (Gas Lamp)

Really wanted to get creative with the politician but I also really wanted that winter suit :joy:

The Undying: “Magic Trick”
The Revolutionary: Poison
The Appraiser: Propane tank explosion
The Fugitive: Accident
The Politician: Gas lamp explosion (botched SA)

My insecurity got the best of me and I took the wrong way. I’ll have to wait until April for Winter Suit.

The Undying - Fibrewire isolated Bean in hallway
The Revolutionary - Hammer to back of head then Shot point blank on roof.
The Fugitive : Electrocution in bathroom
The Appraiser : Accident (Gas Tank)
The Politician : Katana at Laptop

The Undying: SA, Fiber Wire - Profile 2: SA, Pen in eye
The Revolutionary: SA, Poison Flower wine glass
The Appraiser: SA, Oil leak/cigarette fire
The Fugitive: SA, Pushed into hot spring - SA, Profile 2: shot twice in chest and falling into hot spring - Profile 3: SA, Thrown snowball and dumped into hot spring
The Politician: SA, Face cut with katana

Just pushed Barbara over the railing from second account :slight_smile:
But not near the gas lamp, where she smokes. By the bathroom

The Undying: Accident (Drowning)
The Revolutionary: Consumed Poison
The Appraiser: Accident (Explosion)
The Fugitive: Accident (Fall)
The Politician: Accident (Explosion)

Undying: consumed poison
The revolutionary: garrote
The appraiser: fire accident
The fugitive: pistol to the head
The politician: shotgun to the head

The Undying - Stabbed in the eye with a pen
The Revolutionary - the obvious poisoned wine kill
The Appraiser - explosive mobile phone
The Fugitive - neck snap in a deserted corridor
The Politician - Shot in the back of the head at her computer.

Yes, I’ve been quite unadventurous so far!

Hit with Snow Ball, falls off a cliff.

I try to use a knife and do the throat slice if it’s possible to get SA that way. Sometimes I. ant though and then I go with whatever is clever.

The Undying: Robot
The Revolutionary: Poison
The Appraiser: Fire accident
The Fugutive: Falling accident
The Politician: Katana
The Blackhat: Fire axe
The Prince: Church bell
The Undying Returns: Pen impalement

The Undying: Pallas
The Revolutionary: Consumed poison
The Appraiser: Fire accident
The Fugitive: Explosive pen
The Politician: Katana melee

The Undying - pen in the eye
The Revolutionary - accident explosive
The Appraiser - ICA19 headshot
The Fugitive - Silverballer headshot
The Politician - TAC-4 headshot
The Black Hut - Shotgun headshot
The Prince - Chandelier Accident
The Undying Returns - Explosive Pen
The Deceivers - Poison


So far in Season 2,

the Undying: Headphones Garotte, died before exfiltrating
the Revolutionary: Missed
the Appraiser: Chandelier Kill
the Fugitive: Sauna “Drowning”
the Politician: Thrown Piton

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I’d like to add to my previous ET kill list:

The Politician - Gas Lamp, drown

Cough cough, shameless plug

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