Your Elusive Target kill methods

Yes, of course, but a certain level of paranoia appears for these elusive targets - maybe I am on the same sort of page as @doom-generation, remove any possibility of anything getting found. I did a no-KO run to avoid having to hide bodies.

For the Prince, I used the Micro Remote Explosive for when he stands at that table in the back room of the church. It is a handy way of getting rid of difficult targets, but feels almost overpowered, as it is powerful but invisible.

The Undying: Missed
The Revolutionary: Missed
The Fugitive: Fugu poison consumed (SA)
The Appraiser: Garrotted, but then failed the mission :unamused:
The Politician: Gas lamp (SA)
The Black Hat: Head snapped (SA)
The Prince: Lethal syringe (SA)
The Undying Reactivated: Consumed emetic poison, drowning (SA)
The Deceivers: Accidents: Chandelier to Magee’s head and Troutt pushed over the railing at Villa Caruso (SA) :slight_smile:

I let him head downstairs and left a gun there, he went on without his guard, then I knocked out the guard and dragged him into the Priest’s “Office”. Waited for The Prince to start heading back upstairs and then just garrotted him. I actually had a harder time trying to nail him with the syringe.

The Undying: Pen through eye
The Revolutionary: Emetic poison, then fall accident
The Appraiser: Cigarette and gas tank
The Fugitive: Drowned in hot spring
The Politician: Thrown cleaver
The Black Hat: Garrotted with measuring tape
The Prince: Shot in the confessional booth with Rude Ruby (Not S/A)


You’ve chosen some quite adventurous methods! I like the idea of making the Revolutionary fall - many (most?) just poisoned the wine with lethal poison. :slight_smile:

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The Undying - first pen to eye then my game crashed so i had a second try in which i either garroted him or broke his neck cant remember
The Revolutionary - accidentally blew myself up
The Prince - slit his throat with a knife

The Undying: Lured him outside and pushed him over the edge of the balcony. (SA)
The Revolutionary: Restarted until I got the little house next to the start point, cleared it, poisioned him. (SA)
The Appraiser: Cleared the room where the book is in too, killed her with the deadly syringe. (SA)
The Fugitive: No idea to be honest, I dont remember, but I got SA.
The Politician: Got the pc, found her, and killed her with the syringe, then hid her body. (SA)
The Black Hat: Went into the room, lured the guard outside, K-O’d the white hat, and killed the target with a silenced shot, but he spotted me, and somehow, I still dont got SA.
The Prince: Killed him when we was next to the room with the security cam control-pc, hid him there, and rushed to an exit before the priest went in. (SA)

That not-SA on the Black Hat will follow me forever. :frowning:

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I don’t concern myself with SA, so my methods have been pretty sloppy

The Undying: thought I could get him with a micro proximity explosive, but merely knocked him out instead. Ended up sniping him from the race control tower.

Revolutionary: blew him up into the water, but still got a body found

Appraiser: thought I had a window to poison her, but got caught and killed

The politician: tried shooting the gas heater, but got spotted and killed

The Fugitive: don’t remember, actually

The Black Hat: just knocked out everyone in the attic, basically.

The Prince: sniped him from the bell tower.

  • The Undying: Fishslapped then Shot In The Head…
  • The Revolutionary: Two bullets from the back while he was drinking wine…
  • The Appraiser: Silverballed while she was contemplating her book…
  • The Fugitive: Silverballed from the back while he was puking in toilets…
  • The Politician: MISSED ><
    (Fishslapped and Silverballed on training runs)
  • The Black Hat: Silverballed by a Vampire Magician inside his own hacking room…
  • The Prince: Blackballed in the Church while he was tying to pick up my briefcase…

Good times :blush:



The Undying: SA, Fiber Wire - Profile 2: SA, Pen in eye

The Revolutionary: SA, Poison Flower wine glass

The Appraiser: SA, Oil leak/cigarette fire

The Fugitive: SA, Pushed into hot spring - SA, Profile 2: shot twice in chest and falling into hot spring - Profile 3: SA, Thrown snowball and dumped into hot spring

The Politician: SA, Face cut with katana – SA, Profile 2: throat sliced open with katana – spotted, Profile 3: katana thrust through back of head

The Black Hat: SA, poisoned jam – SA, Profile 2: fiber wire – body found, Profile 3: remote mine explosion (his body was thrown behind one of those wall things set up in front of the window, hiding the body, so ironically his body was not the one found)

The Prince: All three profiles: SA, dropped church bell on him

The Undying: Sniper Assassin
The Revolutionary: Sniper Assassin
The Appraiser: Missed
The Fugitive: Missed
The Politician: Missed
The Black Hat: Missed
The Prince: Sniper Assassin

I’m so sad that I missed four of them :confused:

How many Elusive Targets are planned this year, and when’s the next one?

You do know you are missing out on suits if you sniper assasin them right?

You mean the terminus and winter suits? I don’t really care. I enjoy sniping more.

The Tactical Wetsuit is probably the only outfit I would even attempt to unlock.

The Undying: pushed over the railing
The Revolutionary: consumed poison
The Fugitive: pushed over the railing
The Appraiser: snowball surprise
The Politician: gas lamp
The Black Hat: lethal syringe
The Prince: The Bells Are Ringing
Undying Returns: poisoned coconut balls

The Undying: Subdue & neck-snap or pen through eye (idk)
The Revolutionary: Poisoned wine glass
The Appraiser: I ducked myself (failed)
The Fugitive: Accident
Distracted into the hot springs > thrown melee.
The Politician: Gaslamp explosion…with support of Sieger Advanced & Ave Maria (not entering the house)
The Black Hat: Lethal Syringe
The Prince: Lethal Melee kill
The Undying Returns SASO Fiber Wire on Mr. Faber with the help of the new tranquilzer buff.

7/8-7 SA

The Undying: fall accident
The Revolutionary: poison injection
The Appraiser: scalpel
The Fugitive: fall accident
The Politician: scissors
The Black Hat: pistol
The Prince: electrocution
The Undying Returns: thrown combat knife

did you miss The Prince?

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One of the other threads or more than one has this information, they’re re-doing two at the same time in Sapienza at some point.

The Undying: missed him
The Revolutionary: failed :frowning:
The Appraiser: Cigarette and gas tank
The Fugitive: Pushed over the fence
The Politician: gas explosion
The Black Hat: lethal syringe
The Prince: electocution in the krypt.
The Undying II: pen through the eye.