Your Elusive Target kill methods

Based on an idea by @Tetrafish_21, here we can list our kill methods for the ET’s, and edit as we continue to take out more of them.


Here’s mine. All SA unless otherwise noted.

The Undying: Injected Poison
The Revolutionary: Consumed Poison
The Appraiser: Accident (Fire)
The Fugitive: Accident (Fall)
The Politician: Melee (Katana)
The Black Hat: Fiber Wire
The Prince: Injected Poison
The Undying Returns: Accident (Pen in the Eye)

This is (most of) my post copy/pasted from The Politician topic. And I think @Piano_Man started it, but I did suggest a dedicated topic so as not to derail the original topic.

The Undying: Knocked out and dumped into a Garden Shredder and Shredded
The Revolutionary: Consumed poison
The Appraiser: Accident (Fire)
The Fugitive: PT Explosion
The Politician: Knocked out and dragged into water (should be drown/accident, but said ‘Melee Kill’)
The Black Hat: Sheikh + Sabre (Melee)
The Prince: Electrocuted in a puddle, in the catacombs.
The Undying (Returns): Blasted from helipad, falling from hundreds of feet, landing, and re-shredding.
The Deceivers: Poisoned wine for Troutt, and snapped Magee’s neck.
The Entertainer: Zapped via Easy-Kill Phone
The Bad Boy: Poisoned his water.

Stay tuned…


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Maybe keep it for the ones in H2, as we’re getting Legacy Targets anyway.

The Undying: Neck Snap
The Revolutionary: Consumed Poison
The Appraiser: EMP-detonated Propane Flask
The Fugitive: EMP-detonated Propane Flask
The Politician: Gas Lamp explosion
The Black Hat: Axe to the head (And you’re to blame, baby)

The Prince: Lethal Syringe (Wow, this is my first syringe kill of H2? I did it for like every target in 2016)

The Undying Returns: Android

The Deceivers: Chandelier + Neck Snap

The Entertainer: Bike explosion (Non-SA), then redo with ledge push


The Undying: Didn’t play (FeelsBadMan)
The Revolutionary: Poison
The Appraiser: Fire Accident
The Fugitive: Poison
The Politician: Gas Lamp

Really haven’t been motivated to try anything interesting for these ETs, though I do want to do an ICA Space Program run for The Politician.

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The Undying: pushed over the railing
The Revolutionary: consumed poison
The Fugitive: pushed over the railing
The Appraiser: snowball surprise
The Politician: gas lamp

what’s “snowball surprise”?


The Undying Missed
The Revolutionary Neck snap in alleyway
The Fugitive Pushed over garden balcony (?)
The Appraiser Cigarette inferno
The Politician Poisoned with peanuts

Do it quick with an explosive to get the suits. That’s all that matters.

The Undying - Shot by PALLAS

The Revolutionary - Poisoned

The Fugitive - Uhh let’s not talk about what happened this time so yeah I garroted him the first time he was around

The Appraiser - Burned

The Politician - Garroted

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The Revolutionary - Consumed Poison
The Appraiser - Fire accident
The Fugitive - Pushed over railing
The Politician - Fishing Wire Garrote after genetic poison

The Undying - Poison

The Revolutionary - Bomb (afterward I was shot for no fucking reason by the cunt guards)

The Appraiser - Accident (Fire)

The Politician - Haven’t done it yet


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Hey did you get SA with the lamp?
I used the lamp and got a “body found” (4 stars)
There were 2 bodies hidden in the bushes, but they never were found, so idk what happened

Reposted from the Politician thread:
The Undying: Pen through eye
The Revolutionary: Emetic poison, then fall accident
The Appraiser: Cigarette and gas tank
The Fugitive: Drowned in hot spring
The Politician: Thrown cleaver
The Black Hat: Garrotted with measuring tape
(Edit note: all of these were SA)

I completed all of season two with gooing in, finding target. Throw remote explosive at them. Detonate and run… Worked every time… (did undying with fiberwire.) I normaly play hitman with more care and precision but for those I also just want the suits. Bo need to learn routines for 1try. Don’t always have alot of time… Kudos to all who do it silent assassin tho. You da real ones.

Probably one of the guards got KO’d by the explosion. It’s a really bullshit thing IO added with H2.

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The Undying : Lethal poison coffee
The Revolutionary : Fed to piranhas After being emetic poisoned
The Fugitive : Drowned in toilet
The Appraiser : Gas tank
The Politician : Lethal poison peanuts

Slme have reported that they lost SA because of body found even though thry killed her with the gaslamp explosion. I watched your clip and I didn’t see any body bring found except of her so you should’ve gotten SA

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