Your Favorite Guard - Poll

We already had your favorite Target and your favorite Location, so now get ready for your favorite Guard.

I made a Poll for every Game, since it’d be too hard otherwise. I also didn’t count returning Guards like Morgans Guard, who is an Agent from Sapienza)

Hitman 2016
  • Cruise Guard (ICA Cruise) / Compound Guard (ICA Compound)
  • Ritter Bodyguard (ICA Cruise)
  • Soviet Soldier (ICA Compound)
  • Local Security (Paris)
  • CICADA Bodyguard (Paris)
  • Caruso Guard (Sapienza)
  • Suit Agent (Sapienza/Bangkok)
  • Lab Guard (Sapienza)
  • Soldier (Marrakesh)
  • Elite Soldier (Marrakesh)
  • Consulate Guard (Marrakesh)
  • Hotel Security (Bangkok)
  • Cross Bodyguard (Bangkok)
  • Militia Member (Colorado) / Militia Elite (Colorado)
  • Miltia Technican (Colorado)
  • Militia Strike Team (Colorado)
  • Hospital Security (Hokkaido)
  • Elite Security (Hokkaido)
  • Italian Police (Icon/Landslide)
  • Cult Guard (Source)

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Hitman 2
  • Militia Member (Hawkes Bay)
  • Local Security (Miami)
  • Street Soldier (Santa Fortuna)
  • Cartel Member (SF)
  • Cave Guard (SF)
  • Coca Field Guard (SF)
  • Crow Member (Mumbai)
  • Local Security (Mumbai)
  • Rangan Security (Mumbai)
  • Trainyard Security (Mumbai) / Trainyard Elite Security (Mumbai)
  • Cassidy Bodyguard (Whittelton Creek)
  • Spencer Green (WC)
  • Deputy (WC)
  • Janus Security (WC)
  • Ark Guard (Isle of Sgail)
  • Beanie Guard (Sgail)
  • Elite Guard (Sgail)
  • Bank Security (New York)
  • Resort Security (Haven)
  • Resort Villa Security (Haven)

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Hitman 3
  • Local Security (Dubai)
  • Local Elite Security (Dubai)
  • Ingram Security (Dubai)
  • Garden Security (Dartmoor)
  • Villa Security (Dartmoor)
  • Club Security (Berlin)
  • Biker (Berlin)
  • Udo Würtz - Club Bouncer (Berlin)
  • Street Soldier (Chongqing)
  • Facility Security (Chongqing)
  • Elite Facility Security (Chongqing)
  • Hush Guard (Chongqing)
  • Mogwai - Hushs Personal Guard (Chongqing)
  • Mercenary (Mendoza)
  • Gaucho (Mendoza)
  • Kronstadt Security (Miami/New York/Mendoza)
  • Train Guard (Carpathian Mountains)
  • Train Elite Guard (CM)
  • Train Guard Captain (CM)
  • Office Security (CM)

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I couldn’t remember all the Guards Names so feel free to tell me them. Polls can only have 20 Options though I had to put some together and leave some Minor Ones out.


Considering they usually hang in pairs it’s kinda hard to differentiate other than looks. They do have different dialogues and it’s most funny when you kill their best freind. They’ll let you know they don’t like that.

Would never in a million years pick Bangkok security. They’re more than annoying.

But, I won’t lie, I mostly picked based on disguises that would make 47’s arms look best because i don’t think about guards that much loll


No option for my boy Gunther Muller? :cry:



The chef in Colorado. Always funny if things end up loud to see a random chef come running in amongst the waves of regular militia people.


I put him under Janus Guards, Sorry. A Poll can only have 20 Options :grimacing:

Defenitly. I also had him in there before, so was forced to remove do to the Poll Limitations.

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I voted the wrong guard in Hokkaido and just realized after the vote.
Since I meant the Elite Security (Hokkaido), I happened to vote for the winning pick so far in the three titles. Plus the Sgail Elite Guard and the Gaucho :smile:

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And what about Otis Kaplan?

He uses the Sapienza Agent Model.

Well, strictly visually speaking, I have a soft spot for the Jaguars (Mendoza mercenaries). They have a nice BOPE look to them (and pack some cool gear).


I’m also a sucker for the coca field guards’ attire.


As much as I hate Bangkok I will say Jordan Cross’ security know how to look stylish. Plus working there gets them access to free live music.


H2016 - Point man (I chose spec ops because it wasn’t an option).
H2 - Sgail elite guard, glad to see it’s easily the top 1.
H3 - Mendoza head of security (not an option either so I’ll just say mercenary).


Yeah, sorry the for missing Options. Complain to the Forums Administrator :sweat_smile: for limiting the Poll Options to 20.


You could make a score poll for every guard disguise and manually check frequently the order of scores. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you get me a Timemachine so I can ignore all my other duties for a few days with reversable consequences, consider it done.

Agent 47 looks so sexy and suave in the Mercenary (Jaguar) disguise in Mendoza :drooling_face: