Your Favorite Method? Poll

Use the poll to select your favorite method in eliminating your targets in the Hitman games and explain why… If you choose the category of melee and firearms, etc. please specify which one in particular. (if any) Let’s see what our professionals here in the forum gotta say!

  • Accidents
  • Melees
  • Firearms
  • Explosions
  • Poisons

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I like poisons. I like to follow the target to the toilet, and killing them while they vomit. And than just walking out like it was nothing.


I don’t think it’s a huge mystery on what my preferred method is…
:musical_keyboard: :man:


Accidents because they tend to be canon, but there’s something very satisfying about a good sniper kill.

Electrocution for me

I’m a melee man all day and all night, the dagger kill animations are just the best

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I know, I know, if prefered method is sniping, the answer in this poll should be “Firearms”. I am still a bit disappointed it is not an own category though.

I get why. I really do. Just…

Anyway: poll answered :grin:


I see what you’re saying. I’d also rather I said Fiber Wire… but, melee it’s under LMAO


It depends on how challenging the setup for a kill was :thinking: Well fiberwire is pretty satisfying, I like guns too, and some accidents/explosions can be either hilarious or gruesome… or both… which is a win too.

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But where is the fun in asking the FAVOURITE method anyways? Make people think for a little and ask what their SECOND favourite method is! Ooh…

@Piano_Man, may I? I’ll do it in this thread, by all means, but I think heads will be churning! :grin: :laughing:

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Second favorite?? Bro… Mine is Fiber Wire. All day, everyday—every time. Case closed. Period!



Firearms :+1:

Fibrewire is also good! :stethoscope:


I get that. I do.
Hmm… Fiber Wire or Accidents? Fiber Wi - I think it is the same for me. But it is quite the joy of pushing NPCs of a ledge! A nice push is all it takes!

I had successfully eliminated Don Yates (by proxy) and subdued Vidal’s bodyguards - and I was pondering how to eliminate the politician without switching suit. So I just pushed her. And THAT is how I got SASO in Mendoza. :grin:

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Accidents and proxy-kills FTW.


Propane tanks are unmatched in killing power.


I’m all about sniping. It’s so satisfying to complete a job from far away – and nobody ever notices it. The best way is to create an accident with sniping. I just love that!

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It depends on which types of accidents are taken into consideration.
If we also take into consideration scripted accidents(like pushing Dalia onto Viktor,killing Viktor with the light rig or blowing up Caruso’s plane with a cannon etc.) accidents are my favourite.
But if we don’t take into consideration the scripted accidents,my favourites are probably melee kills(especially fiber wire).Sniping is also really fun.


Another Fiber Wire addict here. So iconic !
This is always my go-to method when I have no particular plan.

But I really like firearms too. The animation for stealth kill with pistols is amazing.