Your favourite deaths of both hitman's 2016 and 2018

what are your favourite deaths in the series so far, for me its

Athena falling through the clock
Jin, Re, and Lhom container death
Steven and Ludmilla drowning in the jacuzzi
Robert falling onto Sierras car
Andrea buried alive in cement
Rico getting eaten by his hippo
Vanya and Wairz hit by a train
Marco falling onto church spike
Craig, Marco, Mark, and Glain pen death
Zoe ceremony death
Yuki’s Yoga death
Maya hit by a ram
Francesca poisoned by lab gas

these are just a few

Paris: terminal velocity
Sapienza: cannon/plane
Marrakesh: printing press
Bangkok: Jordan killing Morgan
Colorado: Drowning sean
Hokkaido: the scripted director kills
Hawkes: vent system
Miami: getting the medic to kill Sierra
Colombia: el mijo
Mumbai: everything kashmirian
Whittleton: fumigator
Sgail: interrogations electrocution
New York: clock sabotage
Himmelstein: statue
Hantu port: container
Siberia: fire kills
Maldives: haven’t played it enough

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Just the Electrocution phone on every map does it for me

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My absolute favorite has to be the Train in Mumbai, which also serves as one of the coolest Exits we ever had.

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The jetski kill on the new map is definitely up there already.

Hell party kill where you set the woman on fire, who after some excruciating seconds of pain jumps into the water only to get eaten by a shark.
Over a hundred witnesses and nobody cares.
Great show, that.

Edit: Oh, sorry, for the latest two games I’d say it’s killing Soders with the robot spider. Only one that gets to my stomach.

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Miami: Pushing Sierra to save the flamingo.
Miami: Killing Sierra with the stage flames.
Santa Fortuna: Shoving Jorge down the flower pit.
Mumbai: Killing Vanya Shah with the measuring tape.
Mumbai: Killing Vanya Shah along with the maelstrom with the train.
Whittleton Creek: Killing Janus with the mole hole.
Whittleton Creek: Poisoning Nolan Cassidy in his house with the bug killing machine.
Isle of Sgail: Killing Zoe in the huge tower on the stage with the fire-stick.
Isle of Sgail: Killing Sophia with the poison in the toast scene.
New York (expansion pack): Killing Athena with the loose glass clock. (where she falls when she presses on the glass)
Thats all of them. :slight_smile: Bye! (edit: forgot the train in Mumbai. How could I forget that?)