Your favourite WoA moments to replay over and over: where are your manual save points?

Do any of you ladies and gents keep one or more manual save points in exactly the right place to repeatedly replay certain moments you love in the WoA? A scenario that you’ve set up and can skip straight to dessert with directly from the Load menu, without having to repeat the preparation and legwork that got you there each time.

I have a couple of these: one of my favourites is a save in Berlin where I’ve cleared out Hirschmüller’s office, the surrounding corridor, the DJ booth and the downstairs security office SASO, plus taken out the non-target guard who patrols with Agent Montgomery. I then repeatedly load this save to call the meeting between Hirschmüller and Montgomery either (1) in the Rolf disguise for the scripted meeting; or (2) still in my suit and hiding in the tiny room at the back of the office to lure the agents in. With every nearby non-target NPC already KO’ed, I can then enjoy repeated playthroughs of a firefight with the agents, or a series of quick headshots in a row if you wait for Montgomery to investigate the room at the back, with the other agents standing in a nice straight line round the corner on the lounge half of the office in a convenient line-up to all be taken down in quick succession. Once the agents are down, I’ll step into the empty DJ booth wearing 47’s suit and get on the decks to hype up and launch the light show to send the crowd wild as 47, before making my way to an exit.

I must have played out this scenario dozens of times now because I find it so much fun every go round, and I have other similarly set up manual saves for some of my other favourite WoA moments.

Does anybody else do this, and if so what are the moments that you’ve set up a manual save to play time and again?


I dont save manually in Hitman Games.


I had one that I kept for the whole of H2 that was just where I’d made it to the Knight Armour in Sgail without any KOs or kills, so it was basically a Knight starting point. Made for some fun playthroughs


Since H3 was released, I had a save where the heralds’ meeting had just ended. I liked hearing the “rescue Diana” music, and seeing her stab Yates. :grin: But I had to save over it recently because it got corrupted (?) somehow. As in, Diana would get slapped, sit back in her chair, then get up just to be slapped again infinitely. Idk how that even happens.


most of my manual saves are out of bounds saves so i wont have to redo muffin boosts, and out of a slight fear that ioi might patch muffin boosting in future. ive also got a save of a ko everyone in whittleton


I had to leave and left Hitman running for 4 continuous days by mistake while sitting on a bench outside ice cream shop in Sapienza. I saved the game afterwards.

I never finished the mission, but it probably logged that Chef in the ice cream shop smoking hundreds of packs of cigarettes outside the window. He must have lung cancer by now.


Can’t say I’ve ever done this really. If I replay the level I usually have a challenge I want to complete in mind (official or otherwise). Way back in 2016’s pro mode though I did have some mid-mission saves to make completing challenges easier, when you needed to finish the level.

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I haven’t made any save in H3, but there was one particular H2 save I liked to load from time to time. A Hokkaido Patient Zero save with regular patient disguise, sitting in the hot spring area for an hour, and 80+ infected NPCs waiting to be killed. You can earn plenty of experience points while having fun messing around in that one!


I have four manual saves with three of them in Chongqing, but not because I really like Chongqing, but because two of them are out of Bounds and let me see all places I would rather play. One is for a Gunfight near the Flats and the last one is Romania after the Constant Cutscene.


I made one in Santa Fortuna’s secret cave, and a bunch of out of bounds in Paris.


I´ve definitely had a few over the course of the trilogy. Probably the most prominent one is for the APC turret kill in Marrakesh. One of my favourite kills in the whole trilogy, so it´s always nice to be able to jump in for the kabooms without having to do Strandberg´s evacuation first.