Your Gamertags(PC, XBOX, PS4)

People of this planet :grinning:, I realised that there isn’t a thread where everyone can share their gamertag with each other(after all we are a Hitman community). Your GamerTag is the username which is displayed on your games. So on this thread you can share it to add people as your friend, it can be on PC,XBOX AND PS4.


‘Freddo 47’ on both Steam and Xbox One. ‘Freddo_47’ on PS4. Anyone can add me on any.

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Thanks so much for the reply, I will add you on my Xbox :grin:

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What games do you play?

I only have ps3 and ps4. My user name is STEVEORSOMTHING.

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Same question to you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

Nice, I personally can’t add you as I’m an Xbox user but I’m sure other PS3 and PS4 users will! :relaxed:

On Steam I play The Witcher 3, The Division, Hitman, and mainly anything single-player related. On Xbox I play Watchdogs, Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1 etc. On PS4 I play The Last of Us, Uncharted, and mainly the PS exclusive games.

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To me? Gta, payday 2,dying light, mortal kombat x, bloodbourne, black ops 3, saints row 4, mgs phantom pain, and last of us. Those are most of the multiplayer games i have on ps4 at least. HITMAN too obviously. :wink:

Tuppe01 on ps4
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Dying light has multiplayer? Has it had this since release? I played it when it released but never played multiplayer.

It has i think 4 player Co-op as well as an 1v1 mode where one player is an overpowered zombie. (I only say that because i lose all the time) :sweat:
I think the 1v1 mode might be dlc. Not too sure.

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Four player co-op?? Are you able to play the main missions together or is it like a survival thing?

It’s actually an extension of the 4 player co-op where an extra player can join as a zombie.

@TheOneWhoKnocks you can’t play main missions but you can play sidequests in co-op.


I never knew that bit. It was always 1v1 everytime i played. Although i didn’t play that mode much.

Is it worth picking up for these side quests?

Erico360 on Steam, Uplay, Origin and xbox/m$oft.

I’m pretty sure it’s the sidequest that npcs give you in the base game which is already alot, not to mention you can still free roam with other players. Oh yeah there is this one other mode. Bozak horde mode i think? Don’t remember off the top of my head.

I’d say yes. Aside from the cool sidequests, there are also some really fun races and challenges you can do.

@STEVEORSOMTHING Bozak Horde is a DLC challenge mode where you work through trials, and that’s pretty good too, @TheOneWhoKnocks.

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PSN: Am_Alek

Feel free to add me.