Your HMF Story

Seeing, how it will be November sooner then I expected marking a whole year since I joined the forum and met so many what I call respected members along with many “colorful” people who are no longer with us I feel I wanna share my story and some stuff I’ve been working on along with addressing a old Forum that I made a unfulfilled promise to.

So I came to The HITMAN Forum back early November, 2018. I largely came to get any information on the release of HITMAN 2 since I was extremely hyped for the title alongside the release of the Legacy Pack and since it was my Senior Year of High School I had plenty of free time to play the game. My first “trendy” thread was on December with me starting a thread criticizing IO for what many could say is the mishandling of H2’s version of Holiday Hoarders. I didn’t expect that to blow up, but I will confess I did read everyone of everyone’s response especially when I was away with my at the time girlfriend on Holiday. I’ve met many members who I view in a respected matter. To name a few… Agent Smith (RIP Hope the beyond is treating you well) @misterkiller @KevinRudd @doom-generation @cakeblock941 @Wesker and many more who I can’t quite add their handles because I don’t remember them.
My next big Thread was the Timeline which covers all events in the Series from Minor to the more Larger one with the inclusion of Kane and Lynch. It was very ambitious and I owe credit to the Fandom and of course people who contributed it. I decided to go silent with the project. As the timeline got larger and larger with more little details and just determining Year’s targets were born It became a hassle with how the forum is used to do it all on HMF so I’ve moved the Narrative Timeline to a Google Doc which if things go according to plan I will be allowing access to it once HITMAN 2 reaches its narrative conclusion in the coming months.

I’ve learned how connected we are as a community and with this forum specifically being the first one I joined ever I don’t regret it. I’ve taken any criticism into account especially after my June Featured Contract (sorry/not sorry). It’s definitely strange saying “hey my creation is in a video game” especially since I’m just some 18 year old kid in Eastern USA. That is just a recap of some stuff from my first year on HMF and my perspective on it since some of the stuff that I’ve seen on this forum feels surreal some times… so if you will excuse me I got a Minecraft server to tend to. :slight_smile: share your story!


I came here looking for info and decided to stay because it looked like a fun place. Turned out to be the same place where I came out as a furry and also a place where I shared a lot of things, from knowledge and stuff from the game to personal stories and life experiences.


I stared by just submitting contracts but pretty soon I became invested in what others thought about the game and sharing my own opinions about it


When I registered here I was completely clueless. My first year here I almost never posted lol. But I came here bc Hitman S1 was announced, and I was hyped. It’s hard to get yourself accepted in a strange community, but it worked out. :slight_smile: Had a lot of interesting discussions here and I love to hear everyone’s opinion! I finally found a place to share my ideas and opinion. This feels like the place where I belong. I’m here to discuss the game and share opinions, but not to become an icon on the internet. I’m not populair, but idc. I love it to be heared by the community and share our opinions. This has been my 4th year here and I’m not planning to leave anytime soon. :blush:


When it comes to games, i was mostly active just in communities on tumblr, bc they were more friendly than what i could see on regular gaming forums full of edgelords, since i could direct my following bubble there. I knew about HMF for a while, visited it here and there for easter eggs and lore info, but never had a reason to register.
Then my H2 Collector Edition came and had Silver edition code inside instead of Gold or smth, which finally gave me the reason for registering, when i was searching for help with that. Also, around that time, tumblr nipple exodus started, fandoms there began to disintegrate, so that was another reason to stay here, in addition to seeing, that it is far better moderated and pleasant than other places.


For what it’s worth I’ve always thought you were a cool dude


when i first joined, i was really bad at english. both in a grammatical and a contextual sense. i remember i created a few “test” posts just because i was getting used to the forum. i eventually deleted them out of inmense cringe.
that was back in 2016, at the time i was very excited for Hitman 2016, but couldnt play it (my PC is bad, i use a streaming service now). so i just started talking here and loved seeing everyone’s reactions to the new game.
i eventually took a hiatus because of work and came back being better at english. and i could finally play 2016, which made my contributions to HMF a little better.
but the best part of this forum is definitely the people. i’ve met so many people that are so cool and that i’m thankful for having met in my lifetime. i appreciate everyone here, but i’d say people like @badeaguard are the ones that i really appreciate. i’ve never met someone like him, and i didnt like him at first. i thought his silverballer obsession was totally whack. but now i totally understand. a great person, and i hope to meet more like him.
thanks everyone


Thanks bro, appreciate it! :slight_smile:


I came here after seeing a screenshot on Pagan’s discord showing a thread on HMF explaining how he got into uploading on YouTube.

I stayed because I found the community interesting and I was always intrigued by new threads at the same time. It also helps that I happened to be speed running Hitman at the time which made my contributions to discussion somewhat better.

At the time when I joined I was around 10/11, so I had a brain the size of a walnut. I created some Internet personality and I used it until this year because I wanted to share stories about my actual life.

Anyways, I love this community and I’m glad I found it. Thanks @Pagan :wink:


I first came here to complain about H2 face being worse than H2016 :hugs:


I came here because of a bug. At first, I only returned here to see if the post about said bug had some reactions. Then I replied to a question about the game’s inventory and received some likes :heart:. I soon discovered this is a place for not just asking for helps, but also providing some. (Yeah, I mean it! No cringe.)

And I am not gonna lie, providing helps or redirecting newcomers to existing posts can get repetitive. But every time I do these and receive some likes, I feel well respected and want to stay here for a longer time.

I suppose everyone who came here has their own purposes. But people is definitely the reason for the staying ones.


i came to talk about Hitman, but i stayed because of @badeaguard and many other fine folks, like @scm97tl, @ingrobny, @AGENT_58, @Piano_Man and @FantumX.

Edit: oh, and i will stay here until @SeanBernowicz learns to appreciate Codename 47


I joined in April 2016, after Sapienza came out. Made a thread about special weapon challenges (old axe, katana, battle axe, loud shotgun etc) for sapienza and made a challenge out of it. That’s where i got into speedrunning this game, and met GuLe.

Posted a lot of runs over the years, might have participated in a disucussion or two. Got (legit) voted friendliest HMF member. Became good friends with every single member here. Had the duty of reminding @Piano_Man that he needs to get his shinebox. Succesfully convinced @Serious_Pony to go watch Sopranos.

May or may not have gotten banned once or twice.




I don’t even remember why I came here. But, I will say, this is a much better community than Reddit


I discovered this forum when I was playing Hitman 1 (2016) and had a problem with a challenge or challenges and have been here more or less every day since I became a member, it’s a great community to be a part of :+1: :smiley:.


Well,I don’t know why I came here that 2013 December night,I remember I got the feeling that something wasn’t right.I was so scared in case I fall off my chair and I was wondering how I’d get down the stairs.Clowns to the left of me,jokers to the right.Here I am,stuck with Hitmanforum



Hahaha, I have no idea what you are talking about, but you get a like anyway :joy:.

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You could go to a mental wing and get better and saner conversations than on Reddit. Fuck it you could go to Central Park at midnight and talk to the hobos and have a better experience.

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It’s just a song
Begininning of Sean’s post reminded me of it
Thanks for the like :smile:

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