Your Most favorite Disguise in the Hitman series

I know we have threads discussing the disguises and topics about how to “improve” them, but as the title suggests, what is your most favorite disguise in the Hitman series??

Post a screenshot!

Police men in general, i really love wearing a police officers outfit. There is something so sinister about it, this symbol of justice and law being clouded in darkness by the worlds deadliest man.

Especially in Absolution, the way the cap shrouds 47 in darkness, makes him more threatening. In many ways i think it empowers him, i feel stronger and more deadly wearing police disguises.


Good choice! Speaking of “47 in Power”
Here’s one of my favorites…

There is no chance for parole when 47 is your judge. Lol Justice has been served! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


THIS! Great post Mads47! Exactly what i’d have said. Cop outfits are my favorites too, they put me on ease since i know that no civilian would suspect a cop to be a genetically engineered killer :stuck_out_tongue: .

Also, S.W.A.T uniforms with balaclavas like in C47/Contracts and Absolution.

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I really liked this one, because its funny to see 47 in this “special” suit. The thing about this one is, that he choosed it by himself. Normally the player let 47 wear strange suits, but in this case not :smiley:


Lol I don’t think 47 “chose” that… That’s probably all they had to offer at the Wakiki inn :smile: But hilarious to see him in that, no doubt!

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My favourite disguise right now is the hazmat suit from Sapienza.

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My first thought when I first saw the Hazmat suits


The clown from “A New Life”. Instant “It” flashbacks!


Hitman Absolution suit for me


…Fits like a glove :wink:


The Samurai disguise. Not only does it look cool it also allows for a great way to assassinate Layla by pretending to be nothing more than an empty armor until she turns her back on you. Hopefully it will reappear in the Japan mission.

My other favorite would be the biker disguise with the steel helmet from Rendezvous in Rotterdam. Mostly due to the fact that the outfit of an overweight biker somehow fits 47.


Lots and lots to choose from but it has to be this one.


I really liked the cop one too. It was funny running around as a cop killing people, until it was too real.

But i do hope in the usa map they let you dress as a cop. Its just ironic.

Hand-crafted wool with silk linings. Pretty excellent for a blind tailor.


I find him to be a bit unnecessary in the game. It was better if 47 went to any other store


Considerating 47’s taste for expensive clothing, a tailored suit made of the finest materials is pretty much obligatory.


Where did we got the idea 47 likes wearing expensive suits? I hope not from the books because they are almost bad as the movie.
Yes, his suit is nice. But how do we know its really that expensive?

Just remember the cost of losing the suit in BM: 5000 dollars.

Yes, but that was because you had a special agent retrieving it. And I’m thinking you need some connection with police to retrive it from a crime scene