Your Playstyle (poll)


Select which suits your most frequent Playstyle . We can see where the majority lies…

  • Slow Paced/Roleplay
  • Speedrun
  • John Wick Style

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I try to go slow, but because i’m absolute shit that usually doesn’t work

so basically john wick style


Roleplay/slow paced 20% of the time (discovery and roleplay sessions) and 80% speedrun.


I don’t consider myself a speedrunner, but I definitely try to game the system. If you know the tricks, why not use them? Makes the gameplay a lot deeper, if you ask me.


I’m sort of a mix of slow paced role play and speed runner. At first, I will take my time through the level, but after I have it all figured out, I’ll go back and speed run it. I’m not a hard core speed runner though. I don’t use the clock to time myself, as I don’t care what my time is, it really doesn’t matter to me anyway.


Where’s the mass murderer option?


i almost never role play, but i like to take my time with a mission. especially a elusive target. #norestarts


I tend to do kill everyone challenges when I get bored, but my true runs are SA and quick, but not speedrun quick


Almost always roleplaying, but whatever the speed is, it is as precise and perfected as a speedrun.

It’s about time, enjoyment and dedication :blush:

Speedrunning from time to time is fun too! :+1:


John Wick Style is


Nah, he just kills almost anybody trying to kill him. With style and profile of course. :ok_hand:

I’m talking about the slow methodical, catch 'em alone, serial killer shit my friend.


Recently I went back to open combat.

I really like Italy and Mumbai for that reason. I like Marrakesh for the challenge.

So either in my suit or in a disguise I get as close as I can to the target and open fire. I really like the rapid fire of the Concept.

The best part is the scramble. My cover is blown and I have to run to a pre planned location and switch out or I have to get away and knock someone out and take their outfit. I love it

Getting the AI running around looking for me is a cheap thrill, but it never gets old. I like the small maps where I can kill several targets in different outfits getting them searching for multiple killers.

It’s gotten too easy on pro. I stay on master mode. It’s just enough health that I can’t just run out a room after eating a few clips. I have to shoot to kill.

“S” ranking means I only killed the target plus erased all the footage
“A” ranking means I killed the target plus 1 body guard.
“B” Ranking means I killed at least 3 guards
“C” Ranking means I killed more than 5 guards

To me scrambling after a open murder uses all of the so called stealth mechanics at work. I can blend in to crowds, hide in the bushes, still use blend in mechanics (some what) and of course crouching behind cover, etc.

Still trying to figure out why if enforcers are running towards chaos and you are running away why they don’t “spot” you even though it clearly sounds like they did.

It’s my preferred play style now. I burn about a good 15 minutes setting up the route and planning the attack. I need at least two back up outfits if I am fancy. Nothing pre-planned if I’m too high. The best part? The absolute best part is I never save-ever. I am burning a good half hour I am not getting back if I die just dicking around. Cause even if I do live and exit the mission. I only get one star and a few pennies of experience for my troubles. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Now what’s more beautiful than that?


I like silent assassin but also deep role-play, make witnesses for kill them, kill the targets with their guard and everything is between me and them without witnesses… I also like make them suffer, like escaping for call the guard and kill the guard in front of them in the same moment them call for help. Then shoot them in the leg twice then hit them with briefcase then once on the ground with bricks then or I shoot them with a full mag of shotgun or I drag them in another area for make them wake up from another guard wich I’ll kill obviously in front of him again and then kill him in a brute way.


Slow/careful/build up playstyle generally, not gonna lie I have adopted the speedrun approach to complete some featured contracts though.


I chose ‘slow’ because I’m not a speed runner and have no idea who John Wick is. Plus, I do like role-play in video games.


I’m… I’m gonna need a minute…


I always like to get 20 mastery on a map before moving on. Silent assassin score first, then the bigger challenges, and then big amounts of small challenges. When I go back to play maps, I just go on slaughter everyone runs with the occasional silent assassin.


Slow and silent assassin. My brain won’t let me have fun with hitman if I don’t


With Featured Contracts, I don’t care about being anywhere near as precise as I am with everything else. I’ll happily kill non-targets and get spotted if it means I’m finishing the contract faster. I can’t actually stomach Featured Contracts very well; I’m really only in it for the unlockables.


“No idea who John Wick is”? How fucking dare you.