Your Playstyle (poll)


Slow Paced/Roleplay nearly 100% of the time, but I’m always ready to turn on the John Wick when needed.

Last playthrough of Bangkok I just had to test the new bug regarding Illegal Room Cards and I ended up with a 255,000 point NTK penalty.

The key is to know the height for head shots so you can head shot on near reflex. :wink:

@Travis_IOI… please tell IOI team to fix this bug it is really bad.


I thought I was going to feel this way about doing them when it was first revealed that they would yield unlockables, but I’ve actually really enjoyed doing them slow and methodically. Out of all of them, there’s only been one so far that I despised. That’s pretty good going.


Pretty slow I must admit. I do like to take my time and be methodical. I also almost always take the lockpick with me as well, I hate encountering locked doors and just want to open them. Keycards on the levels that require them. I always play on the middle difficulty, I really dislike Master difficulty. If you screw up, you might as well reload your save, and it seems like all the guards are hyper sensitive in their ears and peripheral vision. Tend to turn off the Mission Story markers off.


Same for me… Featured Contracts is when I usually have a Shotgun in the ICA pick-up point, and when I bring the biggest explosives and don’t really care about SA as much as forcing a finish to the contract if needed.

Besides, it’s good practice for if and when I’m in a bad situation during an ET mission and I’ve locked it by killing the target.


When I first come to the story missions, of course, at first, I am slowly exploring everything. But all has long been explored. The game has been around for several months and all that is left in it now is pure gameplay, so I try to think of some quick and interesting run.


What is John Wick Style?
I know who John Wick is but I don’t understand what his style is.

My playstyle is a mix of different styles… competion is speedrun S+Rank mode, when i play just for fun slow/roleplay mode.


Films, I think. I believe Keanu Reeves shoots a lot of people in them.


Slow paced as long as I don’t get impatient and just throw anything sharp at the target :joy: But srsly want to try speedruns with some levels in the future, even though I don’t expect to be good at it :smile:


Roleplay ftw! I like to immerse myself into the mind of 47 and how I can kill my targets in the most professional way with a realistic approach. This way you also get more intel, you get to know more of the backstory and what is actually going on around you. Also feels really rewarding if you kept your patience for a whole run and finally achieve that SA rating.

And when not in the mood imma put on my classic all black suit, bring my combat knife, HWK 21 covert and RS-15 (packed inside briefcase) and just massacre everyone silently, John Wick style. :sunglasses:



He’s not that popular a character, but the movie assassin “Steelhead” does this in the film THE SHINJUKU INCIDENT. All his kills are tense, messy, but deliberate.

Jackie Chan as “Steelhead”, the unwitting Yakuza assassin.


Always slow and take my time and try treasure the experience, get the most playtime. But after the amount of hours I’ve put into the game, I eventually try speedrun contracts for the sake of being competitive on the leaderboard. So 80% of the time I’m not doing that though.


I’m the same man, although I have enjoyed some of the Featured contracts and tried hard to complete them SA


Slow baby! Wanna absorb ever detail, find every useful crevice and hear all the dialogue. Also those accidents don’t just happen by accident you know!


Slow and improvisational at first, slow with a plan next.


Slow and immersive. My favourite thing is just get upclose and personal with the targets, isolate them without them noticing and observe them for a while before i dispose of them. I really enjoy that aspect of observing and waiting the most i guess, cat and mouse, but without the mouse ever knowing. Sometimes i roleplay, still as 47, but in like a different state of mind /if he’s even capable of that/.

I barely touched the contracts mode, i will play some for the unlocks, but i don’t really find it fun. The ones without too many conditions are fine, but the ones with them make me feel like i’m in a cage and don’t find that feeling enjoyable.

Haven’t even tried the ghost mode yet, just can’t force myself to care about multiplayer and other people’s presence. I just wanna be alone and freeee


I just ignore all conditions and usually avoid any with Fail Conditions.


Speedrunning and slow paced / roleplay alike. John Wick style … not so much.
The shooting mechanics aren’t robust enough to play it like this.


Wtf is John wick style?


I’m a Hardcore Stealth Purist who makes the requirements as difficult as possible for my type of playstyle & to make it as challenging as i possibly can. Recently i done a “Ghost Assassin” Fibre Wire run on Colorado Legacy Master Difficulty with ease. That’s my gameplay style :ok_hand: