Your Playstyle (poll)


humble brag

jk but seriously, that sounds hard


Because for me personally, that’s how i only get any satisfaction from playing any type of Stealth game. Plus i can do it :sunglasses: I don’t brag sir, i just say it how it is.


you’re still bragging

the emojis aren’t helping lol


Nah! It’s all fun & games for me.


I’ll remember that, MVP.


I did it much harder. Everything you did except no loadout and no items used (can’t even collect items on the map). Only 47, no KO, necksnaps only, with body count challenge (because can’t collect mask). So you already lost if such competition existed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::joy::joy:


From time to time i watch this full game purist playthrough of Absolution. The way he plays the game is like watching a very good action movie. His playstyle is very enjoyable for me to watch.
John Wick playing Hitman Absolution:


I thought purist meant suit only? I guess I was wrong. :man_shrugging:


Purist is the highest difficulty level in absolution. That included you have no huds and minimap


Lol :joy: I tried the Sean Rose method, but 1 soldier keeps moving his head a lot and notices you when scanning his face… It could be possible, but u need luck too. Might try it again.


I would more go for the TAC-4 AR S/A, or TAC-4 AR Auto/Stealth. It use less rounds on NPC’s and the S/A is like a silverballer but as an AR and therefore you dont have to get more ammunition as often. You should try it, if you haven’t yet.

Also if you just prefer the RS-15 thats totally cool :smile:


I always take my time, be it with a plan or just going with the flow. I also don’t use any of the “easy” options in the game like instinct. Game becomes much more satisfying this way.


After getting SASO in master without instinct I just try and route speed runs. Getting in the top 100 for The Finish Line was a bigger achievement than my maths A level lol.


Why do a lot of people consider “John Wick style” as simple aggressive stealth, when in movies Wick actually just shooting bodyguards with non-silenced guns, without giving a damn about stealth? Yeah, there were couple of moments, when he was sneaking around, but he didn’t even use silencers…
Edit: lmao. Actually, a lot of people think so, but not in this thread.


Because it’s just a confusing option of choice.
I do believe most of voters chose it just because to choose and don’t have a clue what’s it all about


Silent assassin until it goes wrong :joy:


Who plays opposite of John wick?
Book book then silent assassin.


Cool, calm and collected… Silent Assassin is the main objective, Fiber Wire is the priority :sunglasses:


Speedrunning ofcourse, the most skilled playstyle.


Of course the fastestist plays so fast you can’t even see them playing. And their score is so high that it doesn’t even register on the leaderboard. :sunglasses:

And their best characteristic? They gloat about how fucking awesome they are constantly.

y u 1/2 2 b mad? iz onli gaem :innocent: