Your preferred Showstopper starting routine

So there are lots of different starting options- weapons, outfits, and where you initially choose to spawn, etc. Playing showstopper through all of the opportunities and challenges, I’ve noticed that I have settled into a pattern that works in a very efficient way for my playstyle. Here’s how I almost always start:

Palace staff outfit in the kitchen- start with fiber wire, silverballer, lethal injection, and my agency pickup is either the remote explosive in the stairwell, or the sniper rifle in the shed.

Once I start, I grab the kitchen knife, run toward the security room, watch the security guy go into the eating area, make a left and grab the palace key on the crate & the rat poison on the shelf. Back track and hang a left into the security room to short circuit the video system (usually just as the roaming security guard leaves the computer terminal and stands with his back to the terminal). I grab the scissors on the way out.

I leave the security room, pick up the wrench in the box in the hallway, and then go into the locker room and grab the crowbar.

Going upstairs, I get my stairwell pickup, and while running toward the bar, I grab a screwdriver from backstage. Then I go into the kitchen prep area behind the bar, grab the 2 boxes of rat poison, and poison the food so when Novikov’s bald guard comes in and eats it, I can follow him into the bathroom and take his suit, gun, and phone (the phone doesn’t always drop from him).

At this point, I’ve accumulated enough of the essentials that I never have to backtrack into the basement for that run.

Do you have a preferred starting routine?

I use the kitchen area a lot too. I think the addition of multiple starting points is nice on a lot of points.

It depended a lot on what challenge I was doing, starting in the kitchen as a waiter I used a lot definitely. Regarding the bodyguards phone he will only drop it off you read the evacuation plan in the security room first :smiley:.

I like starting in the attic and sneaking by all the guards on my way to the auction.

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Why not start in the auction room? Just to be able to sneak around or something?

Yeah, it makes it more challenging when you have to sneak all the way from there

Thanks, makes sense. Okay, so will add reading all of the lists, clues, etc to the sequence :smile:

It’s silly he doesn’t drop it unless you read it because if you forget and subdue/kill him you can’t get it again.

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Always start at default with the signature suit and the baller. I also have a Jaeger stashed in the garden more often than not, although I don’t always use it.

I only use the alternative starting points for contracts/escalation or to complete the challenges.

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Or…you can just climb up the drain pipes lol or simply use the IAGO invitation…no sneaking required :laughing:
But yeah I hear what your saying. Sneaking does make it more fun, no doubt :wink:

I enjoy doing this too but I often end up killing every last one silently unless I’m going for silent assassin obviously :laughing:.

Palace garden. It’s a comfy starting point if you wanna do SA/SO without rush and with some creative ideas in mind, also i like getting the upperhand by destroying sec room cams:

@TheOneWhoKnocks5 Yea he should drop it no matter what, but you should only be able to use it if you have read the protocol. I’m not sure that is possible in the game though.

I almost always start at the default starting location in some sort of suit or tuxedo. I take a baller, lockpick, and either a wire or a knife. Sometimes I put lethal poison in the staircase to the basement or if I’m shooting from range a the Walther sniper rifle. This is where it ends for me. The way I play the level depends totally on how I want to take out the targets.

I most often play from the default starts. I LOVE that we have the other options available and I like that they don’t become available until you get mastery points, but I really don’t use them much.