YouTube network for Hitman players?


What is we create a YouTube network for us, the Hitman players? It would be cool for the community I think.

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Who is going to run it? Anyone who does, should be able to enjoy all playstyles so the channel doesn’t become a 1 trick pony and has lots of diversity.

I’d do it, but you’ll all have to donate. :rofl:

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What’s a youtube network ?

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Nah, no ones going to donate huehue

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A group of youtubers, like machinima or example



Would this be like a Twitch team?

If so, I feel this would be a more appropriate use instead of some YouTube channel-tie in thing. Then again, we’d need a partnered streamer, and a group of them.

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I hope you’re not referring to a MCN, they are cancerous and take your revenue on YT. You don’t want to start one of those, but making connections is a good idea :slightly_smiling_face:

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Haven’t really made many videos since I’m starting College soon, but I’d be down for something like this. Especially when Season 2 drops.

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Is Hitman still exists? :smile::smile: